Trucks from a group of outside Suddenlink crews sit last week in Tarboro.

Upon sending outside crews to Tarboro to address service delivery issues, Suddenlink officials learned the problem was much bigger than they thought.

“We brought in extra crews from other parts of North Carolina,” said Mark Harvey of Altice’s customer relations department in New York. Altice is the parent company of Suddenlink.

Harvey said that in checking communications from those crews, the problem was found to be bigger than the company believed it to be.

“Apparently, it’s an infrastructure issue,” he said. “It’s not going to be a quick fix. It’s going to take some time.”

Suddenlink’s outside crews rolled into town last week and despite the fact there has been some improvement for some customers, the vast majority of comments on Tarboro 27886 feel it’s nothing more than an effort to relieve political pressure on the company.

“Massive effort to CYA,” was the way Linda Tharrington phrased it after recounting Suddenlink activities along Main Street.

As has been a continuing theme, several parents expressed concerns about the inability of their children to get schoolwork done when they can’t access the internet.

As recently as Monday, Lindsey Diane wrote, “So over Suddenlink! ... Been on the phone all morning because what do ya know we have no service and my son is having to do his zoom classes through a phone and George informs me there was never an appointment made for this passed (sic) Saturday and that my whole neighborhood was experiencing outages.”

It’s not just school, either.

Petrice Renae Mitchum wrote, “Still sucks. Can’t do my job at home for the internet going in and out constantly. Wish there was another company besides century link. They are just as bad.”

On Dec. 30, the Town of Tarboro sent a certified letter to state Attorney General Josh Stein, requesting that the state Department of Justice investigate the business practices of Suddenlink/Altice in regard to service and charges.

As of Monday’s town council meeting, Town Manager Troy Lewis said he had not gotten a response from Stein’s office but it was noted that Washington and New Bern have both joined Tarboro in asking for help from the AG’s office.

Additionally, the Telegram has been told by a reliable source that another internet service provider in the region has been in contact with the town about providing service within the community.

Over the past 30 days, there have been more than 100 negative remarks posted on Tarboro 27886 regarding Suddenlink and its service and rates.