The following deeds were recorded with the Nash County Register of Deeds from April 28-May 4. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Belcher Land Company Inc. to Francisco A. Gonzalez and Irasema Gonzalez; lot 2, block A, Sage Meadows; Jacksons Township; $48.

Tracey l. Drewery and Michele M. Drewery to Annhill LLC; 1109 Paul St., Rocky Mount; $126.

Wayne R. Bobbitt Jr. to Four Seasons Property Group LLC; 10286 S. Nash St., Middlesex

Anndala C. Bobbitt to Four Seasons Property Group LLC; 10258 S. Walnut St., Middlesex

Timothy Gray Moss and Jo Ann Balazs to Beatriz Matilda Cordova, Marco Antonio Cordova and Patricia Cordova; lot; 0.19 acres; $300.

Joseph A. Worrell and Sherry Deanne Worrell to Russell W. Johnson and Heather S. Johnson; lot 4; 0.98 acres; Pearson Heritage; $680.

Janet C. Curtis to Preston G. Curtis III; lot 5; Riverwood Acres

Nicholas C. Hahula to Allison Salter-Hahula; 3001 Brassfield Drive, Rocky Mount

Tony Ray Lamm and Wayne Kay Lamm to Brett Daniel Howard and Erin Elizabeth Wells Howard; lot 2, section one, Ollie Ray Lamm and Ruby D. Lamm Subdivision; $325.

Nicholas Pitsilos and Elaine Pitsilos to NS Retail Holdings LLC; lot 1; 0.752 acres more or less; $1,912.

Hamilton D. Moore Jr. to K’Connect Properties LLC; 1323 Maple St., Rocky Mount; $82.

Hamilton D. Moore Jr. to Alternative Energies LLC; 929 Cedarbrook Drive, Rocky Mount; $160.

Robin Johnson to Robin Johnson; 512 Golfers Lane, Nashville

H&S Land LLC to Mozelle Ricks; lot 12; Two Castle Berry, section two; Oak Level Township; $548.

Belmont Lake Preserve Homeowners Association Inc. to Thomas Jacob Zdebiak and Kimberly Webb Zdebiak; 98 Beeston Fields, Rocky Mount; $40.

David R. Baker and Brenda Baker to Ricardo Rodriguez and Daisy Michelle Irias Requeno; lot 7; Beaver Creek Subdivision, phase one; $492.

Steven R. Luper and Megan B. Luper to Brittany Aycock; 100 Laurie Drive, Rocky Mount; $170.

Joseph A. Sullivan and Cynthia R. Sullivan to Tracy Hobbs and Brian T. Hobbs; 7045 Hill Road, Spring Hope; $403.

Janice Kathleen McLaren to Robert L. Jones; 4738 Gardenia Circle, Rocky Mount; $340.

Jeffrey Edwards, Celezah Edwards and Jerome Edwards Jr. to Carolyn Edwards; 934 Peter St., Rocky Mount

Walter Brent Fisher and Ashton J. Fisher to Amy Dayle Selner; lot; 0.85 acres; Red Oak Township; $350.

Jeffrey E. Blease and Beverly L. Blease to Jance Kemker and Bernard Perkins Kemker Jr.; lot 8; Lake Haven, section 1; $1,170.

Steven G. Stopher and Ginger P. Stopher to Byungyoung Kim and Chang Lee; 3108 Berkley Drive, Rocky Mount; $314.

James A. Beal and Marilyn H. Beal to Digital Business Corp.; being a part of tract 10; 8.59 acres more or less; Jenkins-Nelms Tract; $28.

Theresa I. Wright and Leon J. Wright to Stephen W. Sweeney; 4831 Marriott St., Rocky Mount; $240.

Scotty Glen Robbins, Suzanne E. Robbins, Michael Leigh Robbins and Estate of Billy Ray Robbins to Ralph Wayne Pridgen and Minnie Louise Pridgen; lot C; 30.8 acres; Rocky Mount Outside Township; $230.

Joshua Barnes and Kristen Barnes to Adam Joseph Edward; 5550 Brookridge Drive, Nashville; $600.

Thomas I. Parrish IV and Valerie T. Parrish to Leonard Bernard Foster Sr. and Tamara Darlene Foster; lot 13, block E, section 2, Spring Forest Subdivision, Stony Creek Township; $640.

Garland Hopkins, Norma Jean Hardie, Shane White, Nell Narron, Michael Narron, Rodney Hopkins and Lisa Hopkins to Garlene English; 10297 S. Nash St., Middlesex

JEC Construction Inc. to Crystal G. Harris; lot 13; Stonehill Farm Subdivision, phase II; $610.

Woodcraft Home Builders LLC to Logan Seth Hill and Logan Brooke Joyner; 8727 Surrey Top Road, Bailey; $554.

Four Seasons Contractors LLC to Alvin Whitaker Jr.; lot 4, Red Oak Woods East; Red Oak Township; $590.

James W. Grant and Susan L. Church to David E. Beale and Laurette N. Beale; 1212 Michael Scott Drive, Rocky Mount; $480.

Johnnie Ray Bailey and Kenetha Carol Waters Bailey to William Greenhalgh and Angela A. Greenhalgh; lot 24; Fox Chase Subdivision, phase one; $626.

Graylyn Homes LLC to Daniel N. Eastman and Kristal R. Eastman; lot 1; 1.278 acres; $570.

Bullock & James Investments LLC to Shonquez Nelson; 121 Grange St., Rocky Mount; $112.

Reginald Revis and Omnii Revis to Shavayette Blackwell and Joseph Monte King III; lot 86, block A, section 4; Old Carriage Farm Subdivision; $504.

Kellie Anne Roy to Christopher L. Bulluck; lot 5, block H; M.P. Dawson Jr. Subdivision; Stony Creek Township; $260.

Nils W. Joyner Jr. and Debbie V. Joyner to Lucretia Glass-Wooten and Russell W. Wooten; 209 N. Pearl St., Rocky Mount; $230.

Alford Property Group LLC to Danielle J. Bolling; lot 5; Williams Ridge Subdivision, phase I; $430.

Freddie Richardson to BAEL Properties LLC; 219 Renfrow St., Rocky Mount; $50.

Eric Ogilvie and Heather R. Carew to Anthony T. Drake; lot 23; Pine Ridge Subdivision, phase two; $450.

Brooke A. Edwards to Taheyda Lewis; lot 7, block F, section 2; M.P. Dawson Jr. Subdivision; $432.

Mia Fawks to Taquiyah Battle and Jaquan Rashiem Evans; lot 3, block C, section 2, Sedgefield; Stony Creek Township; $390.

Howard P. Taylor and Julie Hayden Lowry Taylor to Don C. Sutton and Michael D. Sutton Sr.; tract; 109.25 acres; $180.

Eric Ogilvie and Heather R. Carew to David T. Schmidinger and Judith L. Schmidinger; lot 25; Pine Ridge Subdivision, phase two; $540.

Stephen A. Ott Jr. and Mamie Ann Ott to Stephen Fairchild and Sarah Fairchild; lot 13; Brantley Woods Subdivision; $650.

Wood Green Development Company to Phyllis Joyner; 1204 Nottingham Road, Rocky Mount; $654.

Melissa B. Roberson to Melissa B. Roberson and Jerry A. Roberson; 711 Briarwood Court, Nashville

Quay Cang Luu, Hoa Kim Dang, Yen Luu Le, Tri-Tin Pham Le, Nga T. Luu and Binh Chan Truong to Nga T. Nuu and Binh Chan Truong; 3193 Scarborough Lane, Rocky Mount

Manuel Rodrigues to Juan Correa Rodriguez; lot; 1.00 acres; Coopers Township; $40.

Trustee Services of Carolina LLC to Winterkins LLC; 2129 Vaughn Road, Elm City; $140.

Martina Metcalfe to EastCo Properties LLC; tract 2; 2.52 acres; Ferrells Township; $22.

Jack Bissette Sales and Rental LLC to Juanita Chavez and Juan Cuevas Jr.; lot 10; Bissette Farms, phase two; $56.

Monique L. Edmonds to Aubrey Mitchell and Concetta Edmonds-Mitchell; lot 34; Carriage Pond Subdivision, section two; $400.

Mark Cariveau and Jessica Cariveau to David L. Kimbrell and Jesse Gregg Kues; lot 16; Hopkins Crossing; $62.

Donald Anthony Plettl to Reggie Cardone; 512 W. Nash St., Spring Hope

National Asset Acquisition LLC to Joyce Silver Lashley, Jaspar Lashley and Arleatha Silver Helton; 8463 Fieldcrest Road, Rocky Mount; $456.

Patricia B. Gupton to Aaron H. Chalker and Jennifer Chalker; lot 10; Castaways Subdivision, section 1; $300.

Double D. Properties to Essence Tikeria Henderson; 704 Haggerty Trail, Rocky Mount; $260.

Janet C. Curtis to Jeffrey Scott Curtis; lot 7; Riverwood Acres

The following deeds were recorded with the Edgecombe County Register of Deeds from April 28-May 4. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Vernon T. Bradley Jr. Living Trust to Timothy C. Robinson; 6886 N.C. 97, Battleboro; $15.

Vernon T. Bradley Family Trust and Vernon T. Bradley Jr. Living Trust to Timothy C. Robinson; 2754 Coker Town Road, Whitakers; $40.

James Earl Boddie and Annie C. Boddie to Demond Cooper and Donald Cooper; lot; 0.482 acres; No. 8 Township

Patricia Murphy to Tiffany Bridgers; lot

Dominik Page to Petrina Page; 1108 Long Ave., Rocky Mount; $28.

James C. Marrow Jr. to George Stanley Liverman III; lot; 2.697 acres; $4.

Carol Avery to Premier Investment Services LLC; lot 10, block D, section 3; Mears Park; $60.

Brenda Webb O’Neal to Edward Daniel O’Neal and Charlotte Patterson O’Neal; 2519 N.C. 42 E., Macclesfield

Tameca Johnson to Beverly Manning and Clara Marshall; 1321 Sycamore St., Rocky Mount; $180.

Linda S. Turner to Paul Eugene Turner, Janet Lynn Turner and Stuart Wade Turner; 104 Edgewood Drive, Pinetops

George Lionel Johnson to Melanie Whitfield Johnson; 2241 Oak Drive, Tarboro

William A. Jones and Barbara Lewis Jones to Long Beach Mortgage Company and Rountree & Boyette LLP; 4600 N.C. 42 W., Macclesfield

Katrina Daughtridge and William Daughtridge to Daphine Higgs; lot 6; Old Sparta Road; $44.

Virginia Kea to Virginia Kea; 401 Whitehurst Lane, Tarboro

Peacemakers of Rocky Mount Inc. to Mary L. Richardson; 1312 Proctor St., Rocky Mount; 1308 Proctor St., Rocky Mount; $24.

Gregory T. Williams and Wanda L. Harrington to Gregory T. Williams and Wanda L. Harrington; 2001 Barlow Road, Tarboro

Chadwick Earl Cherry to LGFCU Trustee LLC; lots A, B, G and H, square 20; Town of Pinetops

Ellis Anthony Byrd to MN Ventures LLC; 222 ½ Coleman Ave., Rocky Mount; $12.

Patricia A. Whitehead and Willie Earl Whitehead to Latonya Sherecia Pettaway; 611 Church St.

Maria R. Ortega and Erasmo Roberto Ortega Ramirez to Bathsheba Powell; 201 Walker St., Tarboro; $246.

Cynthia Johnson Dawes, Charles Gregory Dawes, Jason Gregory Dawes and Shawn Anderson Dawes to Latrisha M. Lyons and Eric L. Lyons; lot 7; 0.77 acres more or less; Johnson Farm, section 3; $36.

Kaja Holdings 2 LLC to Miranda L. Bishop; 1701 Leggett Road, Rocky Mount; $260.

Robert Lawrence Johnson Jr., Jo Ann L. Johnson, Matthew David Turner, Heather Lynn Turner, Michael L. Wittig and Kimberly D. Wittig to Clayvan LLC; tract 2, 19.68 acres more or less; $114.

Michael C. Kilburn and Elsa C. Kilburn to Chester Alexander Bazemore and Vivian Lewis Bazemore; 612 S. Howard Circle, Tarboro; $366.

Derius D. Swinton and Lillian C. Swinton to Jeffrey K. Moore and Tammie D. Moore; tract; 17.46 acres more or less; No. 12 Township; $160.

Carolyn Mayo to Benjamin Mayo and Mae T. Mayo; 309 Sally Jenkins St., Pinetops