The following deeds were recorded with the Nash County Register of Deeds from Feb. 10-16. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Audrey Lait Dickson and James Tyler Dickson to Tashawn Avent; lot 3, block B, Rolling Acres II; 0.88 acres; Nashville Township; $370.

Edna King Joyner, Nadine B. Joyner, Thomas Ambler Batts Jr., Susan Rebecca B. Sutton, Larry V. Sutton, Lynn Anne B. Benson, Martin G. Benson, John Barry Batts and Deborah H. Batts to Justin C. Culpepper; lots 1 and 1A, block B; 7.69 acres more or less; Stony Creek Township; $130.

Sylvia Davidson Lamm to Sylvia Davidson Lamm and Elton Wayne Lamm; 113 Coleridge Court, Rocky Mount

Bruce Allen Bulluck to Bruce Allen Bulluck, Judy Bulluck, Paul Bryan Bulluck and Rebecca Bulluck Sifford; 4045 Cordiality Church Road, Nashville

Bruce A. Bulluck, Peggy W. Bulluck, Judy Bulluck Meador, C. Clyde Meador, Paul Bryan Bulluck, Rebecca Bulluck Sifford and Clyde C. Sifford Jr. to Nils Woodard Joyner Jr. and Debbie Vick Joyner; 4045 Cordiality Church Road, Nashville; $480.

Tony R. Stone and Brenda C. Stone to JEC Construction Inc.; lots 14, 15 and 16; Stonehill Farm Subdivision, phase 2; Bailey Township; $258.

Barbara Jane Woolley to Barbara Jane Woolley; 1425 Treetop Lane, Rocky Mount

William Timothy Joyner and Rita B. Joyner to Joy Elaine Joyner Evans and Michael Kay Scott Joyner; 2780 S. Old Carriage Road, Rocky Mount

Joy Elaine Joyner Evans and Michael Kay Scott Joyner and Julie Esther Rose Joyner to Nils W. Joyner Jr. and Debbie V. Joyner; 2780 S. Old Carriage Road, Rocky Mount; $16.

Prestige Home Solutions LLC to Cody A. Dibble; lot 22; Morganshire, section 4; $706.

Jenice Martin to T&T Boys Inc.; lot 172, Eagle Ridge Subdivision; $100.

Steven Wilson and Melissa Wilson to Zachary Jerrol Holden; lot 92, Eagle Ridge Subdivision, phase II; 1.084 acres; $294.

Ruth Lenell Tabron, Roxie Barnes, Horace Edward Bellfield Jr., Arlene Bellfield, Mark Anthony Bellfield and Valencia L. Bellfield to Sheneathia M. Hanson; lot 5, block B, Millbrook; Stony Creek Township; $278.

Mark Steven Bass to Braddock LLC; Unit H; Franklin Square Office Condominium; $92.

Ralph W. Emerson and Susan S.. Emerson to Weston G. Noyes and Kayla M. Noyes; 224 S. Englewood Drive, Rocky Mount; $504.

East Coast Timberland Inc. to Jason Michael Burden and Kristie Denton Burden; lot 12; 10.419 acres more or less; Poplar Run Subdivision, phase 2, section 1; $77.

East Coast Timberland Inc. to Jason Michael Burden and Regena J. Burden; lots 10 and 11, 10.421 acres and 10.503 acres; Poplar Run Subdivision, phase 2, section 1; $154.

Richard Neal III and Anna J. Neal to Crystal Neal Deas; lot 3; 0.92 of an acre; Coopers Township

Hamilton D. Moore Jr. to Castle Rock Homes NC LLC; 536-538 Smith St., Rocky Mount; $78.

Jamie Leigh Robertson to Tiosha Bynum and Robert Bynum Jr.; lot 10, block A, section 2; Cottonwood; Nashville Township; $526.

Teresa N. Robbins to Christopher Charles Lewis and Samantha Woolard Lewis; tract; $350.

Hurt LLC to William D. Driver Jr. and Faye G. Driver; lot

William D. Driver and Faye G. Driver to Hurt LLC; lot; 0.98 acres

Stephen Michael Gilley to Clement Wesley Batchelor and Judith A. Batchelor; lot 31, block B; Old Carriage Farm Subdivision; Oak Level Township; $34.

Virginia Dexter Smith and Mark Reid Bell to Adam C. Rosenberg and Tracy L. Rosenberg; lot 15; Morganshire, section three; Jackson Township; $60.

Roger Thomas Strickland and Jennifer M. Strickland to Rickie James Flesher and Claudia Dawn Flesher; lot 2; 3.50 acres; Ferrells Township; $90.

United Bank to Crescom Bank, First South Bank, Gwenda K. Clark and Julius C. Clark; lot 38, section II; Ford’s Colony at Rocky Mount; North Whitakers Township; $17.

NC Property Partners Inc. to Joshua Lynn Oxendine; 9701 Juniper Road, Bailey; $447.

Derrick V. Caldwell and Sherri D. Caldwell to Carmel L Fickey and Anton Fickey; 3301 Brookview Drive, Rocky Mount; $224.

Dawn Allison Simone to Stephen M. Register Jr.; lot 15, block B, section I; Edinburg; Stony Creek Township; $232.

John David Turner, Cornerstone Independent Baptist Church and Mary Elizabeth Turner to Jasper N. Collins and Amy N. Collins; 1204 Roundtree Drive, Rocky Mount; $142.

Kay Vaughan Hill to Joseph S Evans Sr. and Linda B. Evans; 2366 Vaughan Road, Elm City; $364.

Howard Lee Jones and Nesa L. Jones to Grace and Mercy Holiness Church; 12408 White House Road, Zebulon

Four Seasons Contractors LLC to James A. Pope and Katie B. Pope; lot 3, Waterstone, section 1; Coopers Township; $900.

T Dan Cone and Delores B. Cone to Robert D. Stearns and Revka R. Stearns; lot 7, 1.00 acre; Sandfield Subdivision; Ferrells Township; $50.

Three And One LLC to Teisha Chavis; 1108 Green Tee Lane, Rocky Mount; $350.

David L. Kumm and Peggy L. Kumm to Jesse Lee Kumm; 10483 E. Finch Ave., Middlesex; $184.

Brenda Pearce to Brenda Pearce and Heather Pearce; lot 11, block B; Birchwood Homes

Deborah Strickland McDaniel, Jesse Simon McDaniel, Clifford Stanley Strickland Jr., Stella Bowen Strickland, Bradford Lee Joyner and Matthew Ryan Joyner Jr. to Richard B. Reynolds; lot 41, block A; Old Farm Subdivision; $226.

Jonathan Wesley Price and Jason Matthew Price to Jonathan Wesley Price and Michelle Blalock Price; lot 6, block A; S&T Subdivision; Ferrells Township

Carter Printing & Graphics Inc. to Juan C. Ordaz Gaytan and Daniela Villagran Rubio; lot; $428.

Shawn Alexander and Donna Alexander to Mustafa Hizam; 608 Weathervane Drive, Rocky Mount; $270.

Roy Lee Allen and Deborah P. Allen to Micah Shane Shearin and Garrett Lilley Shearin; 3200 West Hampton Drive; $950.

Louis Jimenez and Maria Elena Garcia to Luis Jimenez and Maria Elena Garcia; lot 5, block 2; Bailey Township

Jimmie L. Hurlbut to Jimmie L. Hurlbut to Debra Delinda Vanderhoof; 737 Brassie Club Drive, Rocky Mount

Sean A. Calderley to Lysonia Holder; 3167 W. Castalia Road, Nashville

Shawn Francis Ashley and Janet Lynn Ashley to Indigo Investments LLC; lot 11, block R, section 3, Englewood; Stony Creek Township

R Jackson Smith III, Susan Gleaton Smith, Virginia Dexter Smith and Mark R. Bell to Eric R. Ogilvie; lot 2, 1.863 acres; Crossroads Subdivision; $70.

Gregory Dean Cary and Sandra Pake Cary to William P. Flynn and Mary T. Flynn; lot 12, block E, section 2, Spring Forest Subdivision; Stony Creek Township; $480.

Cecil Ray Redd Jr. and Charlotte B. Redd to Inner Banks Holdings LLC; 314 Hammond St., Rocky Mount; 334 S. Franklin St., Rocky Mount; 338 S. Franklin St., Rocky Mount; 342 S. Franklin St., Rocky Mount; $280.

Thomas W. King to Family Hospitality Investment LLC; 1112 Strawbush Road, Rocky Mount; $210.

Linda F. Rich to Curtis Hawkins and Christina Hawkins; tract; 10.18 acres; Castalia Township; $108.

Forrest Page Boone and Donna Boone to Jill D. Boone and Randolph Scott Joyner; lot; 1 acre

Jessica Renee Alfaro and Jose Hector Alfaro Ramirez to Matthew Joseph Hillburn; lot 1; Sidney’s Corner Subdivision; Coopers Township; $78.

Elton Wayne Lamm to Elton Wayne Lamm and Sylvia Davidson Lamm; 304 Emerson Drive, Rocky Mount

Brenda Cohee, Robert Cohee, Dennis Womble, Charlene Womble, Connie McCann, Gregory Womble and Deborah Womble to Dennis Did It LLC; 3925 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount; 4008 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount; 4012 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount; 1787 Reges Store Road, Nashville; 4053 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount; and 4098 Sunset Ave., Rocky Mount

Carrie L. Thompson to aFRESHnewSTART LLC; 620 Starling Way, Rocky Mount; $35.

The following deeds were recorded with the Edgecombe County Register of Deeds from Feb. 10-16. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Lydia Christine Wiggins to Pamela W. Davenport and Kenneth Davenport Jr.; tract 1; tract 2, lot 250 and 251; No. 1 Township; $1.

Rosemary Jenkins-Davender to Rosemary Jenkins-Davender and Todd Levon Davender; 1512 Pine St., Tarboro

Connie S. Ellis to Patrick Wayne Ruffin III and Lauren Hyler Ruffin; lot 30; Colonial Woods, section two; $490.

Robert L. Licari and Deborah Licari to Antonio Mendez and Tamia Mendez; 311 Linden Ave., Rocky Mount; $227.

Charlie G. Cobb, Clara Cobb and Gloria Cobb Dancy Bennett to RTS Investments LLC; 616 N. Railroad St., Macclesfield; $14.

Mary Louise Parker to Michael Lee Andrews and Regina Renee Gray; lot

Ryan S. Walker and Morgan V. Walker to Ryan S. Walker and Morgan V. Walker; lot 1; 2.33 acres; No. 12 Township

Mary Louise Hopkins to James Freeman and Stephanie Freeman; tract; 20 acres more or less; $80.

Rosa E Epps to Kimberly C. Bynum and Ernest L Bynum Sr.; lot 1, block A; No. 7 Township

Llewellyn W. Edmondson to Collin D. Rhodes; lot 1; No. 11 Township

Charles W. Dickens III, Deborah P. Dickens, Jamie D. Barnes and Jerry Q. Barnes to Robert A. Michalski; 1471 Atlantic Ave., Rocky Mount

Dwight Butler and Aileen H. Bryant to Gholson Properties LLC; 322 Rose St., Rocky Mount; $56.

Michael B. Peters to Quality Care Solutions Inc.; 1362 Otter Creek Church Road, Macclesfield; $56.

Morris Ray Jefferys Jr., Ann Webb Jefferys, James Ricky Abrams and Kay Cummnigs Abrams to T-Technology Inc.; lot 2; Country View, phase I; $24.

F. Marshall Dunn Jr. and Judy W. Dunn to Melody Parker Bearden; lot; 3.39 acres more or less; No. 2 Township; $15.

Belinda C. Gurkins, Van A. Gurkins, Johnnie Lee Cobb, Margaret Lynn Cobb, Delores C. Harris, Randy Harris, Jeffrey Dawson Cobb, Ann Cobb and Micky Ray Cobb to Micky Ray Cobb and Teresa Ann Hagans Cobb; lot; 1.0 acres more or less

Michael Ray Medford and Angel W. Medford to Sunny Skies Farms LLC; tract; 20.23 acres; No. 4 Township

J Phil Carlton to Larry Harris and Anita Harris; 301 N. Ninth St., Pinetops; 305 and 307 Crestwood Circle, Pinetops; $850.

Oscar Lewis Mabry Jr. to Oscar Lewis Mabry Jr. and Gwendolyn Mabry; 205 S. Martin Luther King St., Pinetops

Calvin Lee Brockington and Gloria R. Brockington to NCBIG LLC; 726 S. Washington St., Rocky Mount; $12.

Roosevelt Pitt and Annie Spruill Pitt to Roosevelt Pitt and Annie Spruill Pitt; tract 1, lot F; and tract 2, lot E, block 12

Town of Tarboro to Sadie Roberts; lot 10A, section H; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Marlon Land; lot 2 A&B, section H; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Cathy Williams; lot 7A, section H; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Beatrice Everette; lot 6B, section H; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Levonne White; lot 1B, section H; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Patricia Williams; lot 100B, section E; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Patricia Boddie; lot 122A, section F; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Town of Tarboro to Sandra Cherry; lot 80B, section E; Eastlawn Memorial Gardens

Delvonte Austin to Helanie Fuller; lot 15, block 3; E.L. Rowland Subdivision; $9.

Cathy Louise Alford to Glenn D. Anderson; 49 Clark St., Tarboro

Fannie Mae to Herbert Lee Dancy; 1423 U.S, Hwy Alt. 64, Tarboro

Anderson Draughon O’Brien and Haley Bronwyn Ebel O’Brien to The Elms Farm LLC; tract 1, 263 acres more or less; and tract 2, 208 acres more or less