The following deeds were recorded with the Nash County Register of Deeds from June 16-22. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Lindsay M. Brantley and James Michael Brantley to Silver Lining Flips Inc.; 8027 S. Old Carriage Road, Rocky Mount; $390.

Norma Sapla and Rex Sapla to Norma Sapla, Rex Sapla and Maria Priscilla Bobier Sanchez; 1339 Echo Lake Lane, Rocky Mount

Mary Hadley Whitaker Rose, Michael Scott Rose, Anne Graves Whitaker Vinson and Stephen T. Vinson to Mary Hadley Whitaker Rose and Michael Scott Rose; 8580 Red Oak Blvd., Red Oak; $372.

Albert Wayne Perry, Brenda Lewis Perry, Jimmy Harold Griffin, Hilda Faye Griffin, Peggy Gail Brohaugh, Jonathan Brohaugh, Floyd Michael Lewis and Audrey Lee Lewis to Ernesto Antunez Renteria, Irinea Navarron Garcia and Jennifer Antunez Navarro; lot; 1.00 acres; Bailey Township;$358.

Emeterio Moreno Jimenez and Victelia L. Minerva Vasquez to Jeffrey Lee Burkholder and Holly Griffin Hong; lot; 0.55 acres; $474.

WJH LLC to Latanya Bailey and James Bailey; 3040 Stoney Hill Church Road, Bailey; $411.

EastCo. Properties LLC to Timothy David Rennard and Hannah Marie Short Rennard; tract 2; 2.52 acres; Beecher Brantley Estates; Ferrells Township; $68.

Shelton R. Coppedge and Hope M. Coppedge to Courtney M. Alston; 4551 Lily Walk, Rocky Mount; $302.

Diane M. Hultzman, Lloyd Williams and Sabrina L. Williams to Four Seasons Contractors LLC; lot 1; 0.78 acres; $124.

William David Groves and Rachel Langley Groves to Daniel Godfrey and Charlene Godfrey; lot; 0.65 acres; $400.

Foote & Moorefield Inc. to Alphonso Hicks IV and Jessica Collins Hicks; lot 82, section 3, Ford’s Colony; South Whitakers Township; $780.

Robert E. Hendrickson and Judy V. Hendrickson to Stephanie Roberson and Reginald Roberson; lot 7, block B, section 2, Sandy Knob Subdivision; $300.

LLG Trustee LLC to Lumuba Moore; 1413 Homestead Road, Rocky Mount; $177.

Tammy Ward Calhoun and George Ricky Calhoun to Margaret M. Rogers and Kevin J. Rogers; lot 29, phase three, section one, The Oaks at Hunter Hill; Stony Creek Township; $824.

Marvin F. Smith Jr. and Carla D. Smith to Carla D. Smith; tract 1; and tract 2,lot 2, 1.36 acres

Four Seasons Contractors LLC to John Michael Ehlers and Christal Michelle Ehlers; lot 16; Landing at Coopers Fields, phase 3; Nashville Township; $914.

William Arthur Sullivan Jr. and Angela Evans Sullivan to William Arthur Sullivan Jr. and Angela Evans Sullivan; parcel 3, 5.714 acres; Dry Branch Estates Subdivision; Oak Level Township

Pauline H. Short to Russell Langley and Haley Langley; 309 E. Elm St.; $106.

Brandon L. Baugham and Sarah M. Baugham to George Richard Calhoun and Tammy Ward Calhoun; 4387 Cordiality Church Road, Rocky Mount; $930.

Helen R. Parker to Tammy Proctor Braswell; lot 2; 0.74 acres more or less; Stony Creek Township

Ashok Mehta and Anita Mehta to 104 Evans Drive LLC; lot 4; Nash Crossing; Nashville Township

Ashok Mehta and Anita Mehta to 625 E. Nash St. LLC; lot; 1.1300 acres more or less; Mannings Township

Jeffrey Clay Thornton and Amy C. Thornton to Steven Tyler Brown and Amber Shyanne Brown; lot 10, 1.96 net acres; Green Knoll Acres; Mannings Township; $40.

Carlisle F. Boykin and Rebecca G. Boykin to Donald W. Nolan Jr.; 800 Oakland Ave., Rocky Mount; $310.

Martha Beers Williams, William E. Williams, Burton F. Beers Jr and Julie Ann Haizlip to James C. Murry and Carri Goodheart; lot 2, 10.75 acres more or less and lot 3, 10.67 acres more or less; Ferrells Township; $424.

Belcher Land Company Inc. to Samantha Guadalupe Romero Buelna and Maria De Jesue Buelna Lopez; lot; 1.28 acres; Belcher Land Company; Jacksons Township

Three Six Builders Corp. to Carlo Edward Pardo and Jordan Dow Pardo; lot 3; Driver Landing Subdivision; Drywells Township; $620.

Elizabeth Trevathan and Michael Trevathan to Jason F. Rogers and Sonia M. Rogers; lot 18, block B; Williams Farm Subdivision, phase 3; $350.

Thomas Gregory Young and Annette Marie Thorne Young to Brian McKillop and Rhonda McKillop; lot 12, block A, part two; Windchase Subdivision; $1,250.

William H. Batts and Felicia Batts to David Daughtrey and Megan Daughtrey; 220 Woodfield Drive, Nashville; $496.

Steven L. Gordon and Cherie M. Gordon to Edward Garry Oden Jr.; 108 Bunn Ave., Rocky Mount; $510.

Beyond the Sunset Holdings LLC to Christian Blake Fowler and Brooke Kessing Fowler; 413 S. Tillery St.; $320.

Antonio Ruiz Mondragon and Sandra Jackeline Paredes Garcia to aFRESHnewSTART LLC; 520 Canary Drive, Rocky Mount; $80.

Cliett Inc. to Anne D. Cliett; lot; .4673 of an acre more or less

Anne D. Cliett to Rocky Mount Take Five LLC; lot; .4673 of an acre more or less; $1,000.

Josephine B. Driver and Carlton Glenn Driver to Preferred Investment Group LLC; tract; 56 acres more or less; $840.

Carolyn B. Joyner and Frances B. Joyner to Jody Lee Joyner, Rebecca Joyner Moss and Donald Jeffrey Joyner; 2560 S. Halifax Road, Rocky Mount

Morris L. Young to Blue Topaz North Carolina LLC; lot 1; 1.10 acres; $4,327.

The Estate of Audrey Jill Evangelist, Tyler Kelly Michael Bernet, Nicole Dawn Grossman, Courtney Keck Megan Grossman, Lashawna Bates, Cassandra A. Ott and Thomas Michael Ott to Patti J. Anderson and William T. Anderson; lots 2 and 3, block C; Sherwood Hills; $248.

Keli E. Hasan to Wisam Hasan; lot 14, phase 2, Asheboro West Subdivision

Gale P. Matthews and Ronald J. Matthews to Andrew Tyson Properties II LLC: 1541 E. Old Spring Hope Road, Nashville; $240.

Estate of Lucy Olivia Brantley to Gary Marshall Creech; lot 4, block 3; Bailey Township

Courtney Westry to Beatrice B. Lyons Westry; 736 Jeffreys Road, Rocky Mount; $1.

Ernie Keith Murray and Rebecca Roberson Murray to April Marie Medford and David Scott Medford; lot 9, block B, Westwood Subdivision; Rocky Mount Inside Township; $550.

Charles Mager and Melanie Mager to Ronald Beddingfield and Angela Beddingfield; 325 Old Coach Road, Rocky Mount; $749.

Phyllis Lowell Williams to Zachary Washington Robertson; lot 25, Holly Oak; Rocky Mount Outside Township; $300.

Phillip Dean Edwards to Melody Edwards; New Tract D; 1.87 acres; Jacksons Towsnhip

Bradford H. Batchelor and Emily Allen Batchelor to Chang W. Lee; 608 Avondale Ave., Rocky Mount; $296.

Town of Nashville to Robert Thorne Jr. and Cynthia Thorne; lot 410, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Dan Milton Edwards Cooke and Peggy B. Cooke; lot 444; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Joseph D. Dzengeleski and Donella A. Dzengeleski; lot 484, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to William Bryan Robbins, Rhonda H. Robbins, Chad Anson Robbins and Joni Elizabeth Robbins; lot 31, section K, Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to William Bryan Robbins, Rhonda H. Robbins, Chad Anson Robbins and Joni Elizabeth Robbins; lot 39, section K, Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to James Arrington and Wanda Arrington; lot 495, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Sharon McKoy, Nevearl Pettiford and Hilda Wallace; lot 4, section K; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Sonnie Lee Whitehead and Ella Lynch Whitehead; lot 147, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Henry E. Henne and Maryann C. Henne; lot 237, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Wesley N. Matthews and Shelby J. Matthews; lot 197, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Celestino Velazquez Perez; lot 285, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Town of Nashville to Barbara C. Batten; lot 467, section I; Forest Hill Cemetery

Rachel A. Robinson to Judy R. Pitt, Linda R. Stirman and William L. Robinson; lot 1; 9 acres more or less

Judy R. Pitt, Richard C. Pitt III, Linda R. Stirman and Jerry A. Stirman to William L. Robinson; lot 1; 9 acres more or less

Jeffrey Scott Bryant and Teresa Hodges Bryant to Harvey Phillips; lot 13, block C, section 3, Brassfield Estates; Stony Creek Township; $760.

Juanita Hawkins Buckner and Johnny P. Buckner to Juanita H. Buckner; lot 3; 0.94 acres; Coopers Township

J. Henry Lancaster, Mahalia Elizabeth L. Hubers, Daren Hubers, Jamie Lancaster Clements and Lee Clements to Brandon Keith Jenkins and Elizabeth Lucas Jenkins; 3531 N. Old Carriage Road, Rocky Mount; $70.

Chareeka Odell Mitchell and Marquavis Dequan Battle to Lukas Burlage and Laura Burlage; 1616Oak Bend Road, Rocky Mount; $224.

Elise M. Noel to Elise M. Noel and Cynthia D. Noel; 2216 Capstone Court, Rocky Mount

Mary Elizabeth Turner to Mary Elizabeth Turner and John David Turner; tract or parcel; 5.17 acres

Thomas Luther Green to Mark Daughtridge; tract 1, 1.77 acres and tract 2, 25.95 acres; Griffins Township; $200.

Ralph Clyde Smith to William C. Smith and Andrea S. Smith; tract 1, 41.39 acres more or less; and tract 2, 17.21 acres more or less; $342.

James Frederick Horton III and Patricia Glasgow Horton to Cary Carr Fox; 408 Piedmont Ave., Rocky Mount; $700.

Lester L. Howard and Veronica L. Howard to Briana Danielle Davis; 525 Western Ave., Rocky Mount; $40.

Brookland Enterprises LLC to Matthew J. Bridgers; 8957 Taylor Woods Circle, Rocky Mount; $56.

Rodney Lee Edwards to Mark Cariveau and Jessica Cariveau; lot; 1.33 acres; $443.

Martha C. Matthews, Paul E. Matthews, Susan C. Zourzoukis and John G. Zourzoukis to Jon Allen Haigler Jr.; being the easterly 95 feet of lot 9, block A; $304.

Philip Andrew Parker to Brent M. Selter; 614 W. Church St., Nashville; $378.

Marshall Conyer Brown and Meagan Edwards Brown to Benitez Colin and Alexandra Jamileth Saravia; lot 1, 1.549 acres; Green Valley Estates; $534.

Jesse Carlton Leake to Priscilla Eureatha Johnson; 414 N. White St., Whitakers; and tract 2, being a part of lot 1

Own Some Land LLC to Antjuan Lewis; tract A; 10.86 acres more or less; $98.

Devin Waine Barlowe to Robert Hendrickson and Judy Hendrickson; lot 68, block B, section 4 of Old Carriage Farm Subdivision; $558.

John Frederick Congelli and Angela Maria Congelli to Gary Paul Vick and Anne Brinkley Vick; lot 20, section 4, phase II, Shepherd’s Way Subdivision; Red Oak Township; $660.

Jocelyn Denice Battle and Eddie Darrell Battle to Jocelyn Denice Battle and Eddie Darrell Battle; lot 13; Cobble Ridge, phase three

Taylor Foote and Yecenia Rabis to Jonathan Chase Kilgore nd Truc Thuy Mai; 1104 Arbor Lane, Rocky Mount; $366.

Ricky Lynn Joyner, Kimberly Coleman, Stephen Coleman, Randy Dale Joyner, Ellen Joyner, Stanley Mitchell Joyner, Renee J. Moore and Scott Moore to Peter Carlson and Gloria Carlson; lot 11, block 5; $180.

Michael H. Hancock and Bryan B. Hancock to Sridhar Manthena and Sreedevi Uppalapati; tract 1, 85.7 acres more or less; and tract 2, 0.88 acres; $280.

Frank’s Home Place Inc. to Raymond Morales and Yolanda Santiago Figueroa; lot 20, Strawbush Subdivision, section three; Coopers Township; $302.

Michael Lee Morris and Deborah Whitt Morris to Darnell Council and Evite Tamaro Council; lot 15, block A, section 3, phase one of Bunn Farm; Stony Creek Township; $400.

Mary Elizabeth Turner to John David Turner; tract or parcel of land; 5.17 acres more or less

The following deeds were recorded with the Edgecombe County Register of Deeds from June 16-22. Each $2 in revenue stamps is equal to $1,000 in valuation.

Elizabeth B. Temple to James Franklin Winslow; 1003 St. Patrick St., Tarboro; $320.

Alvaro Valencia to Tyler Shane Davis and Phillip B. Howell; 1202 West Hills Drive, Tarboro; $290.

David Strickland and Stacy Strickland to Adam K. Henn and Abbigail C. Henn; lot 3; $534.

Stacey Batts and Ernest Howard to E.H. Home Improvements LLC; 1725 Pender St.

E.H. Home Improvements LLC to Ricardo Barandiaran and Cynthia Muccio; 1725 Pender St.; $60.

Catherine Irene Wood to Ruby Delois Parks; 705 E. Northern Blvd., Tarboro; $160.

Ruby Delois Parks to State Employees Credit Union; 705 E. Northern Blvd., Tarboro

Darin K. Wallace to Crystal Wallace; 241 N.C. 124 W., Macclesfield

Crystal Wallace to Darin K. Wallace; tract; 10.6 acres; No. 9 Township

Jairus Wooten to Katisha Brown; 3856 N.C. 111-122 S., Pinetops; $20.

Earl Samuel Jones, Kristiea Lea Jones, Ronald Rea Jones and Edith Katherine Braddy to Richard Vincent Rivaldo; 1203 Vance Drive, Tarboro; $289.

Carson B. Barnes Revocable Trust to Shirley Michelle Dawson, Michael Dawson and Mary Alice Brown; lot 6, block B, Lancaster Farm, section 2; No. 13 Township; $36.

Melanie McKeel and Rodney W. McKeel to Brianna Parker Reid; lot 2, section I; Miners Ridge Subdivision; No. 9 Township; $42.

Indalecio Valle and Sandra L. Mejia Lopez to Henry Paul Pace and Tonya Bell Pace; lot; No. 12 Township; $280.

Sadie B. Arrington, Fred Lee Wright and Yvonne Lewis Wright to Fred Lee Wright and Yvonne Lewis Wright; 188 Lancaster Farm Road, Whitakers

Kristalyn Danyele Jones and Steven Everett Jones to Christoper Weaver; tract 1, lot 6, square G; and tract 2, lots 7, 8, 9 and 10, square G; $100.

Keith Graham and K Graham Enterprises LLC to Capital Klass Investments LLC; 711 Clark St., Rocky Mount; $24.

Shaegypt Canion to Joyner Real Estate LLC; 901 Shearin St., Rocky Mount; $19.

City of Rocky Mount to Lisa Bridges; lot 7, row 26, section 58, Pineview Cemetery

A.C.S. Properties LLC to Ricardo Alfonso Barandlaran Chu and Silvia Bueno Barandlaran; 915 Mitchell St., Rocky Mount; $32.

William D. Phillips and Melissa W. Phillips to Mark Christopher Amerson and Robin E. Amerson; 245 Calbrad Road, Rocky Mount; $500.

C.B. Daughtridge Jr. to Big Time Grand LLC; parcel 1, lots 33, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56 and 83, Hope Farm Place Subdivision; and parcel 2, lots 37, 41, 42 and 44