We continue to struggle as a nation to craft an effective response to the COVID pandemic. We have consistently stumbled, bumbled and mismanaged our efforts.

Despite a massive public relations attempt to put a positive spin on what has been done, the White House can’t avoid the story that the data reveals. Undoubtedly the most comprehensive statistical measure of a country’s success in combating the disease is its deaths per million residents. This statistic measures not only the efforts at prevention but also treatment.

In the U.S., that death rate is 470, In Germany, it’s around 100. Countries in Asia average far less than Germany or the rest of Europe. All you need to know about how the world views our performance is to realize that we Americans are now banned from travel to Europe. A recent article in the Irish Times pointed out that after decades of mixed feelings toward the U.S. — love, hate, envy, resentment, admiration, contempt — the world, for the first time, regards us with pity.

We are better than this. Vote in November.

T.D. Adams

Rocky Mount