This president is severely compromised by Russian operatives and I’ll tell you why.

Mine is not a conspiracy theory, mine is fact. Everything policy wise that Trump does relates to Putin or Russia somehow. When Trump came into office, he criticized NATO, claiming that the countries were not doing their fair share. Trump claimed the U.S. would pull out of NATO.

NATO stands in the way of Putin accessing neighboring countries to create its empire again. If Russia takes control of Ukraine again, it will indeed regain its status as a superpower. Trump cranks up some conspiracy theory that it was Ukraine that interfered in the 2016 election. It’s being pushed by Trump, his secretary of state and his allies in Congress. If Russia takes over Ukraine, Trump will claim that the country is corrupt and interfered in the election.

The damage Trump is causing is not only affecting the United States. It is affecting the world. The betrayal of loyal allies is damage that will take some time to correct. You got Americans who should know better in lock stock with Trump because of greed, and they consider Trump their path to re-election. If they lose their seats backing this corrupt president, then what? They know he is guilty, but they like the prestige of Washington, D.C., and their status in the Congress more. These so called “family values” Republicans do not want to go back to their hum drum lives in their state of record.

Everything Trump does policy wise is to the benefit of Russia and Putin. Americans had better open their eyes and see what’s going on.

Trump has his followers so fixated on asylum seekers from the Southern border that they have overlooked the big picture. Trump and his family are costing the taxpayers millions, and it has no effect on the conservatives. There is never a mention of the northern border, and it’s no great mystery why this is.

People who claim to know God lie for this man as if their lives depended on it. The Copelands, Huckabee’s, Pence’s, Sanders and Robertson’s must stand in judgment one day. And if they are sentenced for every lie they told for Trump, God help them.

It has been discovered that Trump released the aid to Ukraine only after he found out the “whistle blower” was going to file a complaint. So what lie will the Trump loyalists tell now? Trump is a danger to national security.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount