Trump wants to blame everyone but himself for the state of this democracy. But I blame the U.S. Senate as a whole.

All of America knew Trump is corrupt, even those who support him. But the Senate would rather support corruptness and hold onto power than do its job in removing the cancer that eats at the fabric of this nation. It’s amazing how Trump’s poisoning of minds can get somewhat rational people to believe in his blatant lies. I have seen and heard mature adults saying “Fake News” when facts are given about Trump’s corruptness.

But then again, some people will believe anything. That’s why people lose their entire savings, support false prophets and praise narcissistic leaders. 

People should be allowed to vote by mail and not continue to give this virus a lifeline. Trump lies in saying that it will be full blown voter fraud if Americans vote by mail. Yet it is OK for him to vote by mail. The only voter fraud that I can remember was done by Republicans in North Carolina’s 9th District in 2018. Maybe Trump should warn his Republican colleagues of the laws regarding voter fraud.

But since Trump’s sham acquittal by Moscow Mitch and his Senate of co-conspirators, Trump has been emboldened. We can only hope that some patriotic intelligence agents are watching for foreign interference. Trump is deranged enough to seek foreign assistance again, especially with him doing so poorly in his re-election campaign.

Bill Barr has brought shame to a country that is supposed to be fundamentally a law and order democracy. We know when it comes to this country ills of the past, this was not always the case. Things have gotten better, but Trump and Barr has set this country’s status back to '50s-type corruption. Maybe that’s what Trump means in saying, “Make American Great Again:” Take the country back to second class citizenship and bold corruption.

Roger Stone gets his prison sentence cut from seven to three years by Barr’s interference. Then when pressured by Stone saying that he may talk about the Russians and the 2016 election, Trump decides he better commute the sentence altogether. Yet we have a young man with a health condition killed because some clown called saying he had on a mask and looked suspicious and George Floyd killed for allegedly passing a counterfeit bill to a store owner. 

People are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s time to send this fake president, his corrupt administration and his Senate co-conspirators packing.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount