The hood has been taken off, and people can see the Republican Party for what it really is.

“Make America Great Again” really meant taking away the right to vote among minorities and people of color. Placing people of color back into second-class citizenship has been the Republicans’ goal since the acceptance of segregationists into the party.

If this is not the case, then explain why voting restrictions are needed in 2021?

Republicans know that their policies are not popular among the majority of American voters, and in order for Republicans to stay in power they must reinvent and enact “Jim Crow” laws or risk losing all three branches of government for some time to come. Making it a crime to give food and drink to people waiting in long lines that Republicans created is a bridge too far.

The right to vote is a right that Blacks throughout history have given their lives to defend. It’s an absolute shame what Blacks were put through after voting rights became law for Black Americans. This was all done by people who claimed to be God-fearing Christians.

Voting should be a quick and easy process. Republicans have shut down polling places, outlawed drop-off boxes and now want to stop voting by mail. Shame on those shameless Trump supporters who are no doubt still taking their cues from Donald Trump.

Georgia’s governor and those Republicans in the legislature have played their hand. We cannot beat Democrats at the ballot box, so we have no choice but to suppress the minority vote. The Supreme Court is the main culprit. Had the Supreme Court not gutted the Voting Rights Act, Republicans who have no policy platform could not pass such suppressive legislation. None of these extremists have a will of their own anymore. Some relic who is devoid of new ideas is leading his party into this unconstitutional crisis.

The new extremists in Republican government have been the reason why reasonable Republicans are leaving the party. Republicans can’t afford to lose that support so the “Jim Crow” laws are established. Under Republican tactics, if they don’t like the outcome of an election, they can overturn it and place another one of their racist minions into position.

Republicans in power stopped representing America over 24 years ago. People of color need to realize the power of their spending and voting bloc. If corporate America doesn’t stand up to Republicans and their racist tactics, we people of color need to stay away from these businesses.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount