Steve Robert’s recent column starts out with a joke by former Defense Secretary James Mattis.

“The only military officer the president respects is Colonel Sanders.”

Har, har, har.

Gen. Mattis is retired now, a private citizen, so he can have a little fun at the president’s expense. Our Constitution allows that.

It pays to remember, though, that cabinet members serve at the president’s pleasure, and not the other way around. That includes the defense secretary, too.

It seems, though, that President Trump, like a lot of ordinary citizens, is getting tired of these foreign wars that have dragged on forever.

Afghanistan for instance. We’ve been fighting there since 2001, or 18 years — too long.

The generals appear to be satisfied with this interminable war we’re waging.

That shouldn’t be.

After the Soviet Union collapsed on the “ash-heap of history,” like President Reagan predicted, we had a brief (all too brief) period of relative peace.

Then, we began the war on terrorism. Only terrorism is not an enemy, but rather a tactic.

Since the “war on terrorism” was declared, we’ve been at war constantly ever since. War(s) without end, verily they are.

Declare victory and come home. Allow these foreign countries and tribal clans to fight it out amongst themselves and determine their own destinies.

The president, a civilian, is the commander in chief. Again, it’s in the Constitution.

Robert Peele

Rocky Mount