I do not and would not subscribe to the Rocky Mount Telegram.

I was born in Rocky Mount and have lived there most of my life. I loved the city. It was a great place to live.

I now live in Nash County. I would never move back to the city. It has become very one-sided ... Black. Are there no interesting White people living there anymore?

The paper features Blacks in almost all the articles. Blacks are getting all the jobs and “free stuff.” The upscale neighborhoods have become Black, and it shows.

From reading the paper, when Whites speak up, they get the “racist” card put against them. Like one Speak Up article read, “Has the hatred gone away since the statues have been torn down?”


I feel truly sorry for the decent people living in Rocky Mount that cannot afford to move out. Rocky Mount will be no better until the present City Council members (three certain ones that are in total power) are moved out.

They are going to get their way regardless of what the majority White people say. Everyone is afraid of them.

Who in the world would want to move to Rocky Mount ... unless you are Black?

Jan Shearin

Elm City