I have been reading opinion letter after opinion letter bashing President Trump and his supporters since the Anointed One lost her election.

I have not seen the writer present one shred of documented evidence. It is obvious he is just repeating the Democrats’ talking points spewed by the mainstream media. You know, the same “journalists” that keep telling their viewers that the protests are mostly peaceful.

Democratic Congressman Nadler says the riots are a myth. He must watch the same networks.

If these folks would have taken a stroll through Seattle with Laura Ingram as she interviewed the people that had lost their businesses, they could see the rubble where there used to be thriving businesses. Over 1,500 small businesses have been destroyed. Now the city cannot afford to clean up the mess their Democratic leaders allowed Marxists to make.

Our president was spied on before and after he was duly elected by the people. We have legal documents that prove that accusation.

President Obama weaponized his FBI, DOJ and intel agencies against candidate Trump and those in his campaign. Unlike the letters that I read trashing our president, there are actual legal documents that prove what the Obama administration did to interfere in our election and create a coup.

It has been dripping out for over three years. It took some doing to get these legal documents because the Deep State was protecting the previous administration.

We have to remember evil, given enough time, is self-destructing. And if President Trump is evil, he too will self-destruct. However, we have no legal documents proving the accusations against him.

Facts proven by legal documents:

1. Hillary and the Democrats colluded with Russia.

2. We know the Steele Dossier was a pack of lies.

3. The Mueller investigation was an unlawful witch hunt, trying to find something, anything to impeach our president, based on fraudulent FISA warrants.

4. We know the impeachment was an attempt to discredit a President that has done more for the American people than any president in our lifetime.

5. The China virus, proven not to be as bad as other pandemics that we have experienced in the past with no shutdown.

I believe the shutdown was/is another attempt to discredit our president by killing the dynamic economy his policies created.

The economy is on its way back, the stock market is back up, so now the Democrats’ news media must convince their viewers of something else.

Julian Manning

Spring Hope