So why is it you want the Rocky Mount Telegram to redact names in editorials when you host a spot on WHIG-TV where you and some of your guests have called names of Black leadership whom you and they have been trying to discredit for years?

Oh, we are talking about accountability, right? Talking about slanderous and dangerous, y’all have been trying to discredit them while continuously trying to play upon the community intelligence with information that be half-truths. You have had some of the same Black leadership on your show but still allow the antagonizing to go on when they have presented their feedback to the questioning of their integrity.

So why is it that when the Caucasians go to the Rocky Mount City Council meetings and write letters to the editor calling Black elected officials and other Black community leaders names, you have said nothing?

I agree that duly-elected political office holders, candidates and high public government officials should be held accountable for their actions. However, why do you feel that community activists and/or individuals who continuously target those named should not be held accountable for their actions?

So you feel they can attempt to paint a picture of these folk telling half-truths and many times just flat-out lying and they should not be held accountable publicly when they do their mess publicly?

I totally agree there is a need for the development of a kinder and gentler community.

Yes, it has been too easy for white supremacists to “take a shot” at Black leadership in the public venues Rocky Mount Telegram, Rocky Mount City Council meetings (mayor allows attacks), WHIG-TV, Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, 252 Hoodnewzz and some other social media pages. It is past time these folk do like Fighting Crime did, and that is to apologize for their actions.

Sir, I believe it needs to start by the white supremacists in Rocky Mount respecting Black leadership. Yes, they can hold them accountable for their actions — but I’ll be damned if they should get a free ride to disrespect Black elected officials and their families, Black community leaders and those who support them of another race.

Curmilus Dancy