An Ohio man, identified as 20-year-old Isaiah Jackson, was videoed with his knee on the neck of a crying toddler, while another person held the child’s hands behind his back.

Jackson, a supporter of BLM, is now in jail awaiting new felony charges. In the meantime, an Atlanta-area high school teacher is under fire for purportedly commenting on the Facebook posting encouraging the violence against the child.

BLM rioters barricaded DHS officers in the Portland courthouse and tried to set it on fire.

These BLM rioters have no respect for life, property or God-given rights. Many of them are spoiled college brats that have been caught up in an anarchist political party who only care about themselves and power, and these young adults don’t have enough sense to realize it.

DHS reported that there are hundreds of ongoing federal investigation into the criminal rioters. I pray justice will be served.

New Cato Institute pole shows that 62 percent of Americans are afraid to openly share their political beliefs. Shame on us when any person is afraid to exercise freedom of speech.

On the bright side of things, Sam Coonrod, relief pitcher for the Giants, refused to bow to BLM. Mr. Coonrod only kneels to God and Jesus Christ. He does not support BLM Marxism and he rejects their negativism toward the nuclear family. Will he be able to keep his job?

Did you see the video of Cathy Dodson, a black woman that went from welfare to millionaire? She told the council that the Confederate monument in Wichita Falls was just a piece of rock.

She said it had not helped or hurt her. She went on to say the monument was/is irrelevant and the black folks in Wichita Falls don’t care one way or another about it. Is it only the brain washed college kids and the anarchist party that want them down?

I found the following to be humorous: U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert introduced a House resolution demanding the Democratic Party change its name or be barred from participation in the House of Representatives due to its past public support of slavery and the Confederacy.

If they want to meet the standard, they are measuring our founding fathers by, they should. However, I had rather they change their plantation philosophy when it comes to minorities. If you are a citizen of this great country, you are an American, equal opportunity for everyone and no “free stuff” for anyone, since there is no such thing.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope