A recent letter to the editor extolled the virtues of liberalism and the marvelous open-mindedness of liberals who are willing to change their views based upon their understanding of the facts inherent in any situation. Let’s test some of that stunning open-mindedness.

First of all, while these humanitarian stalwarts were saving mankind with their social programs, they were also decreeing that all mothers have the unbridled right to kill their unborn babies in the womb simply because they choose to. They also want the government to pay for these acts and will fight you tooth and nail if you suggest otherwise, especially if you question the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade. What tender-hearted folks these people are, that is unless you are an unborn baby.

They also as a group decry the current administration’s attempts to stem the ludicrous illegal entry of thousands who were streaming into this country across the southern border with Mexico. They routinely claim that it does not represent “who we are” and that we should not only let them in but offer them all of the privileges of citizenship because they somehow believe that conservatives should be as mindless and shortsighted as they are.

They have now decided that we should blame the entire policing system in this country for the senseless, criminal acts of a few even though the overwhelming percentage of police are upstanding men and women (white and black) who have done nothing more than try to protect the citizens of this country while enforcing the laws. These “open-minded” liberals now agree with radicals who say we should defund these “systemic racists” because we need to start over with new methods of policing.

Now also keep in mind that these geniuses would weaken the police to the extent they are able while concomitantly attempting to seriously curtail the constitutional right of Americans to legally own guns. What a recipe for disaster, especially if you live in a high-crime area like many African-Americans do.

I can go on with many other examples of socialistic derangement, such as the rejection of religion and Judeo-Christian values, but I don’t have the space and at any rate my paramount rationale for my contempt for these “wonderfully open-minded” folks is that they openly and literally hate the country that I love.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount