It’s a concerning dilemma we find ourselves in as rights are being violated all the time and nothing done about correcting it.

The letter by the gentleman in the opinion section of the Telegram on Nov. 18 is an example of what I have seen coming for years, watching law enforcement eroding.

The gentleman tells of “hooligan” neighbors partying with loud music, racing up and down the street with no mufflers on cars, disrupting people’s sleep at all hours of the early morning, cursing and yelling obscenities for all to hear and basically making life unbearable for good citizens in the neighborhood.

If you ask the hooligans nicely to cool it, they tell you to go F yourself, because they don’t care if what they do is bothering you. If you aren’t careful what you say to them, they might assault you, shoot you or destroy your property. So you call the police and you say they don’t do anything. Cops have to be prepared to use physical force and arrest law-breakers who won’t comply; this is something that the liberal clowns want to refrain from doing.

Force is the only thing some criminals understand and if you use it, you have to carry it all the way, much to the chagrin of the social workers and “mediators” who want to talk the hooligans into becoming good citizens. We know this approach won’t work.

In reality, there are laws on the books addressing noise, shooting, violence and obscene behavior. You have to have city officials in place that believe and support police enforcing law and obviously, we don’t have that in Rocky Mount. I believe the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is going to make law enforcement even more difficult; four years of their radical, liberal policies like defunding, “reallocating” money from police to social workers and mediators, turning out convicts early and not prosecuting criminals in general.

Good luck to the quiet neighbors, because they are going to need it. You are going to regret how you voted Democrat and put these liberal clowns in office. Too late now.

R.B. Hinson

Rocky Mount