When I think about who to vote for, I don’t consider party, personality, color of skin, sex, etc.; I look at a person’s track record along with their policies.

I am a Constitutional originalist; therefore, I have not liked most decisions either party has made in my lifetime.

If politicians had kept their oath of office, the federal government would be small, we would not be $30 trillion dollars in debt and our representatives’ legislation would not violate our freedoms.

Being a conservative, I want our colleges and universities promoting patriotism, not anarchy. I want K-12 to be community controlled.

If our politicians were conservatives, they would believe in the sanctity of life. Planned Parenthood would not receive taxpayer dollars, because abortion, being murder, would be against the law.

If our politicians honored their oath of office, the family unit would still be flourishing because there would have been no Great Society Programs to break down the family unit. Children would have both parents in the home training them to be respectful and morally upright.

If our government had taken the advice of our founding fathers, we would not have been entangled in the senseless foreign wars that spent American lives and treasure.

If government had stayed in its constitutional strait-jacket, Communist China would not have a foothold in America.

While I don’t agree with Republicans on much they have gone along with in the past, I will vote for them November 3, 2020, because:

1. They are pro-life from conception to grave.

2. They support the natural family (union of man and woman).

3. They believe all Americans are to be treated with dignity and respect.

4. They recognize that children belong to parents, not the state.

5. They believe a person’s sex is determined biologically.

6. They believe our natural rights come from God, not from government. Therefore, government cannot take them away.

I cannot vote for a Democrat because:

1. Dems support killing babies before and after birth.

2. Dems do not promote marriage or family.

3. Dems support sex “change.”

4. Dems support taxpayer-funded sex “changes.”

5. Dems believe in BIG government, forgetting the people have the power.

6. Dems think nothing of stripping away our Bill of Rights.

7. Dems are opposed to school choice, leaving poorer children at the mercy of teacher’s unions.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope