Well I’ll be darned, the big, bad impeachment of the president has ended with sort of a weak whimper instead of a bang, marking a true milestone for the leftists who somehow thought they could advance their cause despite the fact that it was a foregone conclusion for those with even the slightest measure of actual comprehension, including many of us who already knew how it would end.

Now let’s examine what this bogus exhibition accomplished for both sides.

First of all, it gave the president an opportunity to claim another victory over his liberal enemies, and they should already be well aware that it gives him immense satisfaction to do so. He has already delighted in holding up the front pages of those liberal rags which proclaimed that he was acquitted of both articles, and he has taken great pleasure in his scathing review of those protagonists such as the wicked witch of the west (Pelosi), the bug-eyed paranoid (Schiff) and the demented dwarf (Nadler) who were somehow deluded into thinking that they could actually accomplish something of value for their cause by engaging in what I’m sure will be considered in the future as the most inane political ploy in the history of our country.

These crestfallen geniuses know by now that the president’s approval rating has reached the highest of his presidency (higher than Obama’s at a comparable time in his presidency), and also should know that his rock-solid supporters have been happily conferred with a clear sense of renewed enthusiasm and are more determined than ever to bring about his re-election.

As for the effect on the opposition, one need not look any further than Pelosi’s crass act at the end of the State of the Union speech of the president. Her purposeful and planned tearing of the official copy of this speech plainly demonstrated the deep frustration that this petty woman felt and her comments afterward once again exhibited her hatred for this conservative warrior who I believe should be known henceforth as “Teflon Donald.” She did no favors for herself or her party as millions clearly witnessed her boorish behavior.

As for insinuations by Schiff, Nadler, et al, that they may well try again, I say please do. There is an old proverb that goes “When you are dead, you don’t know you’re dead and you don’t feel the pain. The pain is only felt by others. Same thing happens when you’re stupid.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount