In lieu of however Trump’s press secretaries try to spin it, I think the writing is on the wall for Donald J. Trump.

There is no transparency, swamp draining, healing of races or work for the betterment of regular people coming from the Trump Administration. As long as his Republican colleagues turned a blind eye to his corruption, Trump filled the courts with conservative judges and their pockets with extra cash. The forgotten man that Trump raved about is again left out in the cold.

Trump was always complaining about corruption regarding his predecessor that he could never prove. It’s been three years and nothing has materialized regarding corruption from the Obama Administration. But lo and behold, there has definitely been corruption coming from the Trump Administration.

Trump’s corrupt attorney general is trying to stop the bleeding in firing any prosecutor who investigates Trump or his “gang who couldn’t shoot straight.” Indictments have been handed out to 34 people related to the Trump campaign. Now Bill Barr removes the New York Southern District Trump-appointed Republican prosecutor who was investigating Rudy Giuliani and other Trump associates.

But I seriously think that Americans who really care about “Law and Order” and the state of this union have decided to reject Trumpism and his Senate of Enablers. The Republican Senate will pay dearly at the ballot box. This is why you have polling stations closing down where there is a high degree of minority voters.

In my opinion, the Republican plan is to frustrate the minority voter into not voting. Why are Republicans in power so afraid of a free and fair election? And with this pandemic spiking, why are they afraid of mail in ballots?

Because it will give all registered voters the freedom to vote, and that scares the hell out of people supporting Donald Trump.

But more than anything else, Trump’s bungling of this pandemic has shown his incompetence to its core. With 120,000 lives already lost, this imbecile has the audacity to tell his people to slow down testing. Trump’s people claims he was joking, but with so many lives lost, only a heartless buffoon would stoop that low.

With the election of Donald Trump, it has shown that race relations in the country has a long way to go. Hate seems to have raised its ugly head unlike any other time during my lifetime. In the words of Lindsey Graham, it’s time to send this “race baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot” packing, along with his corrupt attorney general and administration.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount