I’m 85 years old and used to staying close to home, but not this way. There’s an enemy lurking out there that can’t be seen, only feared.

I figure my years on this earth are numbered, but I care about our younger people. They have so much to live for — and I pray every day and every night that the Lord will take this virus away and give the planet back to the people, hopefully to take better care of than we ever did before.

We take so much for granted and when we have a setback such as this, we don’t know how to handle it. Most of us are trying to abide by the rules laid down to combat this thing; some are not.

I can only hope and pray this crisis will end soon and be a wake-up call for us all — to clean up our lives and live by the Ten Commandments. If we had always done this, what a wonderful world it would have been and if we do this now, it will be.

God bless you all.

N.H. Hurdle

Rocky Mount