Recently, a WRAL television newscaster reported news about the spread of the coronavirus. He commented, “What did we do?” — implying, “What did we do to deserve this terrible malady, adding to recent tornadoes, floods, fires, etc.?”

There is an answer. As a nation, we have committed every kind of vile act that deserves punishment. I believe God is acting to let people worldwide know we cannot continue in sin without being destroyed.

This virus is touching every area of our lives like never before — our economy, sports, entertainment, large gatherings, medicine, education and religion. But God is merciful. Relatively few lives have been lost, we have social media, news media and ways to stay in touch personally. Elisabeth Elliott said, “What God has done to us, He has done for us.”

If this virus accomplishes God’s purpose, we will be blessed — there will be repentance, a change in people’s hearts and a chance to start a new life.

Throughout history, trials and sufferings have been necessary for mankind to find peace and joy, which comes from God. All great people have suffered — now, in our history and in Bible times.

All suffering does not come from sin — some comes as a testing of our faith, but God uses it for us and for His glory; to purify, refine, teach and fulfill us, giving us productive lives.

It’s so sad that the younger generation has not learned about God, unless they had godly parents who taught them. Atheism has silenced leaders through fear. Now is the time for Christians to stand up, preachers to preach up the truth to bring this nation back to repentance and faith in the only true God.

If this virus doesn’t fulfill God’s purpose, you can expect another disaster even worse — it’s recorded in Scripture. Read Matthew 24:6-8. The pain gets harder and harder. Pray this virus will accomplish God’s plan, and His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.

It is necessary to recognize that sin means missing the mark of perfection which God requires, because He is holy and heaven is a holy place. Sin is not allowed. God knew mankind would not be capable of being sinless, because He gave us a free will — to obey his commands — meant for our good and happiness — or disobey and suffer.

He loved us so much He sent His Son to pay the penalty — which was death. Confessing sin, asking forgiveness, repenting, believing and receiving Him into our hearts assures eternity in heaven, not hell.

Jean Eason Holding

Rocky Mount