“O, foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you?”

Paul in the New Testament asks this question of the Galatian Church.

The Galatian Church was founded on sound doctrine of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Galatian Church was a strong Christian body in the midst of a world enslaved by petty kings and false gods.

But then they listened to false teachers who perverted the simple Gospel into a set of rules without the power of the gospel.

Paul calls it “bewitched” and leads them back to dependence on the newness of life under the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In the same way, God gave the founding fathers the Constitution of the United States as the founding principles for the new nation, under God, with liberty and justice for all. This document was based on years of experience of people who sought to live out Christian principles of the Bible.

The colonists saw that they needed a definitive document to provide this new nation a people equipped for self government. This was a totally new concept of government with freedoms specified and guaranteed by law, a political experiment, new in all of history.

After 250 years of life in this “new experiment,” we in the USA take all this for granted. We think everyone in the world lives like this. The truth is no one else in the world lives like this.

Why? Because no other nation has guarantees built into its constitution, and more importantly, they do not have “self government.” Self government requires the inner restraints of knowledge of and living out of the Ten Commandments and practice of the Judeo-Christian faith. Also required is a free press and and an educated electorate.

In the past 50 years, socialist influence has crept into teachers’ colleges and teachers’ unions, then from there into college faculties and into the students.

Most millennials have little or no foundational knowledge of free enterprise or capitalism. Consequentially, many have listened and have been bewitched by false doctrines of socialism and communism.

Oh, foolish Americans!

Janice Gravely

Rocky Mount