It is sad that local social media pages, especially Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens, is promoting division in Rocky Mount but trying to blame certain black folks.

Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens founders are posting mess to create division and allowing others to post mess as well.

It is one thing to talk about issues, but to just lie and allow lies to be told is not about uniting folks. It is factual that they don’t want to talk about the truth. It is factual that they can look at the videos of the meetings and still attempt to twist the truth. For folks who have not seen the videos or didn’t attend the meetings, some will take these folks’ lies as truths. But if the founders were about truth they would not create the lies and would not allow others to post lies on the page.

It is sad that Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens founders block folks who challenge them with posting the truth. This lets you know that they don’t want the truth to be made known.

I have been targeted for some time on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens with lies. My videos of the Rocky Mount City Council meetings do not lie.

It is sad that because I will say what I mean and mean what I say the folks on Rocky Mount Concerned Citizens page and other sites try to discredit me.

It is sad that just because I support certain folks, some folks have a problem with me. I support folks who are doing things for the greater good of all folks.

My track record shows that I have been advocating for all races of folks since the late ’80s when I joined Black Workers For Justice, later joining the Edgecombe County Democratic Party and the Rocky Mount NAACP in 1992. I have also been active in other community groups over the years.

I challenge folks to look at my track record and look at what those who have an issue with me are doing.

Folks, you better check out folks to see who are the real problem. I am not the enemy.

Curmilus Dancy