Think about the Jan. 6 protest, labeled “the insurrection” by the Dems and communists.

Could there be an ulterior motive for the drag out of the commission prosecuting the protesters? Perhaps all this hoopla is because these senators had their ivory towers violated by the subservients and subordinates they are supposed to be representing.

They sit there untouched by reality, making decisions every day that curb your rights and alter your behavior, not in a good way. They do this feeling that you can do nothing about it. Whatever they say is supposed to go, whether you like it or not.

The senators didn’t see any need to address the questions that arose after the 2020 election, and there were many. They just wanted to make sure Donald Trump was put out of office and all his supporters and those who voted for him be vilified and demonized and put in their place — out of the picture.

It looks like the action that took place on Jan. 6 would have been a signal to the senators to wake up and snap out of it — but as you can see, they haven’t learned anything as they continue in the same behavior that brought about this mess to start with, running roughshod over everyone, including the Democrats.

Think about this: If a protest group had wanted to overthrow the government, there would have been a lot of AR-15 rifles put to use that day and not a shot was fired by a protester. A Black DC cop named Michael Byrd fired the only shot that day and killed an unarmed white woman named Ashli Babbitt who he said presented a threat to him.

It’s a shame that this fiasco is trying to be elevated to the same category as 9/11, Pearl Harbor and the Civil War by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, when in fact it doesn’t come close to the catastrophe they want to project it to be on the American people.

Let’s all get our minds on something to help the country and make Biden and his cronies stop proliferating this hoax on America. Think about what the Dems are doing; it needs to be halted fast, quick and in a hurry. God bless America.

R.B. Hinson

Rocky Mount