While much attention is on the 2020 presidential race already, equal attention is on the many contests that are occurring right here in North Carolina across the state this fall.

A contest that is being closely monitored is the race for Ward 4 City Council seat in Rocky Mount. Elections will be held Oct. 8. To address and challenge some of the major social problems that concern the community at this indispensable time in history, candidate T.J. Walker Jr. is among the City Council aspirants seeking to represent Ward 4.

TJ is a unique candidate for a couple of reasons. First, if elected, he would be among one of the youngest elected officials in any public office in both North Carolina and the City of Rocky Mount’s history. Second, despite TJ’s youth, he is neither short of wisdom nor experience as he comes from an established family unit that has significantly impacted and shaped the history of Rocky Mount. TJ’s platform speaks to the issues that concern our country and this city including our youth, the economy and public safety.

History has shown that the world has experienced positive transformation in its most disquieting moments from a fresh perspective often coming from a budding generation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who entered Morehouse College in Atlanta, Ga., at only 15 years of age, helped lead this country through one of its most defining eras in the mid-twentieth century in his 20s and early 30s. Like King, many youths in that era, including Ambassador Andrew Young and Congressman John Lewis, used their voices, minds, hearts and bodies as change agents during those threatening and uncertain times.

T.J. Walker Jr. is the next generation of this noble level of leadership.

Today, as this nation approaches a new frontier into the transitory future, T.J. represents a generational group that now makes up the primary population of any generation in this nation called Millennials. His participation in this group of flourishing decision makers will ensure the City of Rocky Mount’s place in a sustainable future. While the citizens of Rocky Mount will benefit from T.J.’s novel perspective influenced by his generational edge, T.J. is also shaped in a dignified tradition; therefore, they can also count on a stable-minded individual.

It is expected that T.J. Walker Jr. is the type of candidate that will not only continue Rocky Mount’s legacy of being a “City on the Rise” but also help guide it to its long-awaited destination.

Brandon Whitehead

Rocky Mount