In the norm, I consider myself to be a reasonable person. I am willing to listen to all sides of an issue in order to reach a conclusion based on the facts or feasibility.

When emotions or biases overshadow common reasoning and fact-finding, you can be sure the conclusions will be distorted. Sadly, much of the saga relating to the pursuit of growth and development in this city is polluted with emotions and biases.

While the leaders of the critics brigade binge on a steady diet of destructive criticism and take the non-independent thinkers along for the ride, they offer no alternatives for growth and development that will level the playing field. It’s as if they are yearning for a yesteryear way of decision-making. Is it not hypocritical for critics to profess a love of city and citizen concern while working overtime to stop initiatives aimed at moving the city forward? Make no mistake about it, a town or city unwilling to shake yesterday and blend in with current times will surely wither on the vine.

Where would growth and development in places like Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Knightdale, Wilson and even Nashville be today if critics in these towns and cities had been successful in halting projects not of their liking as critics are trying to do here? I suspect we would still be seeing more wooded than developed areas. Unfortunately, the value of constructive criticism is becoming extinct and positive progressive projects that will benefit the masses are becoming negatives.

I hardly think this city is “going to hell in a handbasket” as some of the critics would have me believe. Instead, Capital Broadcasting Company investing millions in The Falls project and the state DMV headquarters and a CSX rail hub locating here paint a promising picture. As for all of the ruckus about building a hotel and parking deck in the vicinity of the Event Center, this is not groundbreaking. Cities throughout this country with convention/event centers have hotels, parking decks, restaurants and shopping centers in close proximity. These amenities are assets, not liabilities.

Just as Donald Trump has vowed to eliminate every Obama executive action because of obvious prejudices, critics in this city have obviously vowed to bestow doom, gloom and ineptness on the decision-making of this council’s majority for the same reasons. Indeed, destructive criticism knows no boundaries.

Gardenia B. Hobbs

Rocky Mount