I haven’t felt the need of late to respond to leftist letters printed in the Telegram as one frequent writer devoutly believes that communism is far superior to democracy and another’s extensive hatred of Trump overwhelms any attempt to be rational.

However, Ms. Mesko’s letter which was printed on Jan. 14 is slightly more coherent and so I thought I would respond to it.

I disagree with a number of statements in her letter, not the least of which was her contention that “phony Tony” Fauci is one of the best doctors in the country, since with his pedantic idiocy he supported the manipulation (gain of function) of viruses in China and therefore is at least partially responsible for the deaths of millions and the loss of trillions worldwide. He is at best a pompous political operative whose credibility has waned almost as fast as a Biden pledge to unify the country.

In addition, she chides conservatives for listening to some YouTube “low-level medical person with less than stellar credentials” to determine the necessity of taking the virus. First of all, I don’t get my news on YouTube as she apparently does and so I have no idea what she is talking about. And her statement that “all the patients in critical care on ventilators now were not vaccinated” is typical leftist hyperbole and I’m pretty sure is a gross exaggeration.

I will also state for the record that as a staunch conservative, I have had all the shots and do not fully understand vaccine hesitancy, but I absolutely support the rights of those who may refuse to allow the government to unconstitutionally control every aspect of their lives, including what is injected into their bodies — especially those who have previously had the virus and those with deeply held religious convictions.

As for her contentions that the Capitol-stormers were directed by Trump, she conveniently left out that he told the crowd to “protest peacefully,” but all leftists leave that statement out since it runs counter to their narrative about him being responsible for the “insurrection” and is hardly a statement calculated to stir a crowd into a murderous frenzy.

Lastly, I’m quite sure that I, along with millions of conservatives, have heard enough about any overturning of the election and are ready to get on with taking the country back, but the left doesn’t seem to be able to get past Jan. 6 and they are trying their tiny hearts out to utilize that to disparage Trump as they are apparently terrified that he will run again.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount