After reading what Dallas Ford wrote, I have to respond.

Dallas, I am not hearing that much about the election currently but it’s not over. Real Americans now have the most corrupt, incompetent, dishonest president in office, Joe Biden.

Biden does not know where he is or what he is doing most of the time. Obama correctly said “never underestimate Joe to f- — up a good situation.” Do you remember that Biden had to drop out of two presidential elections because of plagiarism? If you are happy with what is happening under the Biden administration, then I seriously question your thought processes.

Biden and his administration are totally incompetent. They are ruining our country. Biden has a perfect track record of getting everything wrong. The border, Afghanistan, global warming, ruining our relationships with our allies, raising taxes (he is lying about $400K/year), executive orders such as allowing men to compete in women’s sports, handling of COVID, paying people not to work, monitoring your bank account for transactions over $600 (in the works now) and taking bribe money from foreign countries through his son, Hunter. And the list goes on and on.

During the campaign, both Biden and Harris said they would not take the vaccine. Now they are pushing taking it (I agree on taking it), but Biden’s mandating some to take the vaccine, but not some — certain union members — is ludicrous. U.S. citizens must show proof of taking the vaccine, but illegals crossing the border and Afghans brought over here do not even have to take the vaccine. Does that make sense?

Biden is mentally incapable to handle the job of president, but Harris would be worse. Biden keeps saying “they tell me not to take questions.” Who are “they?”

Most Americans don’t know Biden’s mental condition. Why? That’s because the mainstream media is hiding it from them. If it was Trump, it would be highlighted daily, but because they are all progressives and yes, Democrats — which includes FOX — they edit out all his blunders. And there are many, many of them. They hid all this during the campaign and now “they” tell Biden what to do. It’s sad to see.

Also, if you think showing an ID to vote is “Jim Crow” and racist then be sure to show your proof of vaccination instead.

Kemp Edwards