Based on what I have seen lately on the national scene, apparently being “woke” means that the part of your brain that controls your rationality and logical reasoning is fast asleep, allowing the part that produces erratic thinking and confusion to be fully awake and therefore dominate your dealings with the rest of society.

Why else would a high school teacher in California forbid her students to face the American flag when repeating the pledge of allegiance and insist that they face the rainbow flag instead? Why else would a teacher in Loudon County, Virginia, be fired because after being ordered to address her students by the gender pronouns they preferred rather than the pronouns that actually fit their genders, she refused to do so?

Why else would school systems be decreeing that teachers indoctrinate their young students that America is an evil country, and if you are white, you are an oppressor of “people of color” and should be ashamed? Why else would your gender at birth be said to be “assigned” to you and instantly interchangeable with dozens of other genders at your whim?

Why else would it be ruled politically incorrect by Harvard Medical School to use the term “female” and instead to employ the term “birthing people?” Why else would PETA decree that you can no longer utilize terms to describe people like “chicken,” “rat,” “snake,” “pig” and others? Yes folks, we are now apparently worried about offending the sensibilities of animals who have no sensibilities.

Why else would math be called a “white privilege” aspect of education? Why else would Beethoven’s music be called “racist” as a symbol of exclusion and elitism? And probably the dumbest of all these inanities, when was it declared “racist” to mow your lawn because it is a lasting symbol of how white settlers appropriated indigenous lands and a statement of the control of nature?

I have a serious question regarding these marvelously sophisticated advocates of the absurd who somehow believe any of this is rational. How are those of us who try to utilize that amount of intelligence that God saw fit to bestow on us supposed to be able to accomplish anything in conjunction with these paragons of political babblespeak?

Seems to me it is impossible when they have shut down the functioning parts of their brains in favor of waking up those flawed portions awash in absurdities.

Maybe things would be better if they all took a “mental health” day and looked for a safe space with appropriate therapy dogs.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount