I’d like to respond to Ms. Manning’s letter about the “Woke Movement.” I have submitted several letters to the Rocky Mount Telegram and I know some may agree or disagree with my perceptions. However, Ms. Manning incited a response regarding the “Woke Movement.”

I found her piece very offensive because she acted like Black people can’t think for themselves and she is here to enlighten our thinking. This is my perception that she uses her writings to convey a demeaning spirit while being condescending in her thinking. It seemed to me she has a superiority complex based on my intake from this article.

When you have compassion, you try to step in the shoes of others and walk their walk, then you can see their dilemmas through their eyes. Plus, you research when you’re not sure about something. Based on your skin color you are considered privileged or less privileged. These are things that can easily be researched if you check statistics.

I know she will not take note because people with a narcissistic disposition have no interest in being taught since they feel they know more and are beyond being taught.

I realized in life, life is a continuing cycle, we live and learn every day.

Even if I dislike or like Biden’s agenda, I like the level of intelligence he brings to the White House.

Speaking to you, Ms. Manning, opportunities for Blacks were denied, even the right to education, for a long time and still we continue the process of talking in the hope to save our children’s lives. If you are white, your privilege prevents this from happening to you, so please be mindful before you write stuff that you have no clue or insight about.

I do note that your writings reflect a knowledgeable individual but lack nurturing.

Josephine Bridgers

Rocky Mount