There is very little doubt that the left is going to use the Washington demonstration and ensuing melee to do as much harm to Donald Trump as they possibly can and to cause him as much torment as they are able.

The depth of their hatred is so palpable that it has taken on a life of itself at this point and there will be no satisfaction until he is drawn and quartered to the utmost of their ability.

However, they are making several serious mistakes with this hate-filled campaign.

First of all, they absolutely ignore the reality that 74 million-plus people in this country voted to reinstall him as president despite the constant and relentless assaults on him and his character by the left and their trained lapdogs in the mainstream media for at least four years, much greater in volume and vitriol than experienced by any other president in U.S. history.

These supporters stuck with him despite the constant rhetorical onslaught against him and anything he did or tried to do. What do you think the reaction of these people will be when these delusional leftists take whatever moronic action they decide on to damage Trump and distort his legacy?

The leftists are nothing if not stupid, however, and they will probably fail to see the handwriting on the wall and charge ahead with all due idiocy. What they will mainly accomplish is a widening of the considerable political divide that they have been primarily responsible for, and it may make this schism so vast that it cannot be healed, all due to their insatiable desire to extract their “pound of flesh.”

They also are creating a political culture of retribution and revenge that may be extremely difficult to overcome for many years. It is a political truism that “what goes around comes around” and so after their first inane attempt at impeachment, this one will set even more precedent for treatment of future presidents in the same extremely drastic manner simply because the party in power doesn’t agree with him or her.

That is not what the founders intended when they drafted our Constitution and enacted the provision for impeachment of a president for “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The Justice Department has already admitted that there is no legal basis for charging Trump with a crime for making the political statements he made to his supporters and exercising his First Amendment rights, so what exactly do these pompous con artists contend is his great crime?

I guess it must be for the dastardly “high crime” of opposing them while accomplishing so many good things for the country.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount