Some people, including Judith Mesko, have been deluded into believing that the congressional circus currently underway in Washington has somehow made out an actual case for impeachment of the president.

These people obviously agree with the likes of “ringmaster” Pelosi, “head clown” Schiff and the other leftist Trump haters in their campaign to discredit Trump in any way they can so that they can try to ensure that he won’t be re-elected, and they can resume their quest to socialize our country.

These circus performers know that is the very best they can achieve since the Senate is not going to remove him from office. Since they know that, isn’t this charade a pitiful waste of time, money, effort and legislative opportunity to the extent that this country will likely suffer for years because of it? Doesn’t the absolutely malicious partisanship being displayed by these leftist head cases mean that there will likely be little chance of real across-the-aisle compromise for the foreseeable future? Is that the way our country should be run?

Mesko and others should realize that these little liberal bureaucrats who are testifying are life-long drudges whose negative impressions of the president stem from their solemn adherence to their stilted and pompous concepts of how government should be conducted, all while lacking sufficient mental agility to be comfortable with any variations in those concepts. Then along comes Trump and begins to change all their precepts in their areas, particularly in the foreign relations field, and I believe that a lot of them have taken great umbrage to these changes and are now extracting their little measure of revenge by testifying about the misdeeds of the president, even though it is all opinion, innuendo and hearsay which would very likely be inadmissible in a real court of law.

Little Schiffty gets all excited when he thinks he has heard something which could aid in his impeachment quest and his eyes open so wide that it appears that he may have a thyroid condition, or at least be slightly paranoid. Gee, I wonder what he will look like when the president is re-elected and he realizes that it may be due in great part to his ludicrous efforts for three years to change the results of the 2016 election.

Oh and by the way, Americans are not going to change the electoral college system. Not when Trump won 3,084 of the 3,141 counties in this country, and all of Hillary’s popular vote margin came from New York City. This is a country, not a city-state.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount