I am glad someone has finally held CNN accountable.

Nicholas Sandmann, the young student that the fake news media lied about and tried to destroy, has filed lawsuits against The Washington Post and NBC, too. We can expect lawsuits against individuals as well as other fake news outlets to follow because of the media’s disgusting actions and reporting. When news outlets become activist instead of journalist, they need to be held accountable, I hope we will see more accountability in the future.

Some environment nuts blamed all the forest fires in Australia on climate change, but 20 people have been charged by New South Wales police for deliberately starting fires across the country. You cannot trust activist and celebrities to wait for the truth to come out and the liberal news media prints lies as if they are truth. Shame, shame on them.

Remember Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry? He was murdered in 2010 by one of the guns in the Obama Administration Fast & Furious scandal episode. Heraclio Osoriw-Arellanes has been sentenced to life in federal prison for first-degree murder. Finally, justice has been served.

The downside is American taxpayers will have to support him the rest of his life. If there had not been corruption in the Eric Holder DOJ, Brian Terry’s family would not have lost their loved one to a thug that deserves the death penalty.

Thanks to our commander in chief, we did not have another Benghazi on our hands when our embassy in Iraq was attacked. We had no causalities because there was swift and adequate action taken by our armed forces at President Trump’s command. Thanks for protecting our personnel on foreign soil President Trump.

I pray our president will bring our troops home from the Middle East and let the Middle East fight amongst themselves.

Much leftist clamor about the assassination of Soleimani but did not occur when Obama had an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, assassinated in Yemen in September of 2011. That is news outlet activism for you.

More good news about our economy: There were 145,000 jobs added in December. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment remained at 3.5 percent, and among the marginally attached, there were 277,000 discouraged workers in December, down by 98,000 from a year earlier. I am thankful for every job created because that gives another person an opportunity to experience the American dream.

Julia Manning

Spring Hope