I am continuously astounded by the lack of honesty, candor, character, courage and patriotism, as well as the great abundance of rank hypocrisy, displayed by the leftists in this country who believe that they somehow occupy the moral high ground about all contemporary issues, especially if they concern our current president.

These moralistic frauds would have you buy in to their hypothesis that the president has actually done something wrong when he courageously ordered the killing of the designated Iranian terrorist Soleimani, a totally evil man responsible for probably more American deaths than Osama bin Laden. This is simply another display of the general dynamic of this group who seize on anything the president has done or said, no matter how ludicrous their contrived contentions are, to try and denigrate this man that they hate so passionately.

It is so ridiculous that I can imagine that if the president discovered the cure for cancer, these nimrods would rant and rave about the poor cancer cells and the fact that he was obviously racially motivated to cause harm to them.

Some totally insignificant actress named Rose McGowan (no idea who this is) apparently apologized to the Iranians for this action stating that 53 million Americans are being held hostage by this horrible administration. I assume she is talking about the folks who voted for Hillary Clinton but I sincerely doubt that all these people are so extraordinarily disoriented that they would issue a similarly bizarre apology to one of our primary enemies and the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.

I will never understand the appeasement mentality or the compulsion to apologize to our enemies with which liberals seem to be inflicted, but as a Vietnam veteran, I am more than familiar with the traitorous actions of leftists such as “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her ilk who seem to revel in giving aid and comfort to our enemies with no particular motivation except some twisted sense that everything that conservative patriots do is somehow inherently evil, even if it involves an act that is necessary for the protection of our country.

Just shows once again that these pitiful folks had exactly the right hero in Barack Obama who didn’t have the backbone necessary to achieve feats such as the subject even though he considered it during his administration. It also shows that folks like me have exactly the right hero.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount