I must admit that I did not believe in UFOs, but now I’m not so sure.

The Republican Party that was all in arms about impeaching Bill Clinton for sex crimes and lying to Congress all of a sudden is committed to double standards. Have the Senate Republicans been replaced by some alien lifeform? Their reasoning for supporting not impeaching Trump seems something like a third-rate conspiracy theorist might be inclined to exude.

But then again, most Republicans in Congress are peddling conspiracy theories as their talking points for defending Trump make little or no sense — and a lot of double talk is done to confuse Trump’s most staunch supporters.

Grover Norquist created this “never compromise with Democrats” Republican Party. Now, Republicans like Devin Nunez, John Kennedy, Lindsay Graham, Richard Shelby and Ron Johnson, just to name a few, seem to now be from “Bizzaro World.” These are people who went to some of the best schools but must have plagiarized everything they did because, for lack of a better word, they sound like idiots. Yet their peddling of this conspiracy theory trash is attention-grabbing for a lot of their followers. This country is in more trouble than we may think.

The facts are there. No matter how the Republicans try and spin it, this out-of-control, lawless and corrupt president is guilty as sin. But don’t only focus on Ukraine; Trump has been doing illegal activity long before his questionable election as president. There is a reason this man wants no one to see his taxes.

Would an innocent man put up such stone-walling, defending his taxes, documents that could exonerate him or something as trivial as his school transcripts if he were innocent? Distractions are part of Trump’s playbook, but the out-of-control national debt is real.

Before Trump hijacked the Republican Party, some senators seemed to have a backbone, which quickly diminished. With Trump commanding 80 percent of Republican voters, those lifer Republicans have somehow forgotten what morality, integrity, compassion, honor, dignity and “country over party” mean anymore. The “Never Trumpers” may spell disaster for those senators seeking re-election.

Trump is fighting for his political life and knows if he is not re-elected, he and his family will be indicted. Trump’s interference in military affairs is not patriotism, it’s strictly political.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount