When told of “Black Lives Matter” peaceful demonstrators coming to protest at any city, you had the police force and those who claimed to be protectors of property out in full force.

Yet when an “armed militia” of mostly white demonstrators came to one of America’s most sacred symbols of democracy, the U.S. Capital, the police and those who claim to stand for “law and order” were missing in action — after being forewarned, mind you.

And the shameful display of protection afforded those who make laws that govern this country was appalling. And it all leads back to Trump, Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and a host of congressional and Senate Republicans. Trump has warped the minds of his followers with a cascade of daily lies that after four years even Trump started to believe.

But there is blood on the hands of those who claim to stand for “law and order.” Nothing can justify the killings instigated by a madman that would be dictator. Trump’s actions represented that he was pro-autocracy, white supremacy and dictatorship. He even joked at a lifetime appointment, only he wasn’t joking.

Republicans kept blowing it off, with “it’s just Trump being Trump.” Now Trump, with enablers like Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz and others, excited a mob of thugs and anarchists into a blind frenzy that left five people dead. This was a treasonous act and all involved should be prosecuted. Trump has desecrated what was once the Republican Party.

Sorry Republicans in government, it’s too little, too late for your pathetic apologies and claims of patriotism when you kept your spine in your desk drawer for four years. Or is it that you all were part of the plot? If a person’s actions are consistent with narcissistic behavior, then one must conclude that this person is mentally challenged. Had Republicans reeled Trump in instead of kowtowing to his methods of madness, Jan. 6th may not have happened.

Still you had congressional and Senate Republicans justifying this day of infamy as armed protesters exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Even though they protested against a free and fair election of duly elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. But when people of color and those races sympathetic to the cause try peaceful demonstration, they are always met with force and pushback.

Somehow the right to free protest and equal protection under the law just seem to be fruitless words when presented to people of color.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount