When you have leftist idiots like Mayor Bill de Blasio running a huge city such as New York and absolutely refusing to support the police in a rational manner, you end up with the kind of chaos they are experiencing there currently.

This self-absorbed liberal bozo has routinely criticized the authorities when they have had to utilize deadly force to protect themselves or others. Like most liberals, he engages in identity politics in order to ensure minorities’ continued support and he does this in such a way that it always seems to them that they are the victims when often the truth is that they have attacked or are threatening to attack the police or are refusing to comply with perfectly reasonable requests and the situation escalates into violence.

Now, his pandering has created a situation where these same minorities are so contemptuous of the police that they are committing disrespectful acts such as throwing water on them and worse. I believe the police have shown admirable restraint to date in not retaliating in a physical manner but it’s just a matter of time before this becomes real ugly. And just think, this Democrat genius, until recently, was running for president of the United States.

Then think about the other geniuses. Elizabeth Warren is so enraptured with identity politics that she falsely identified as a Native American for years and profited quite handsomely because of it, and now she wants to bankrupt the country. Think about O’Rourke, Castro and the rest who contend it is horrible of President Trump to want to keep illegal aliens from entering the country at will because that is “racist.”

Think about all these candidates who when questioned at a recent debate, want to give free medical care to those same illegals. Think about Mayor Pete who is homosexual and will likely spend an undue amount of time correcting perceived wrongs for that genre, as well as for those who are confused about their genders. Think about Bernie Sanders who wants to convert you all into grateful socialists who would gladly give most of your earnings to help all the “victims” of our society, including those same illegals. And think about sleepy Joe Biden, who really hasn’t the wherewithal to come up with his own “victim” agenda. I guess his “white privilege” is showing.

So I guess my central question resulting from all this hoopla is what is gonna happen to the 250 million of us who have not been identified as pitiful “victims” if a Democrat is elected? I guess we will end up being the real victims.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount