I’m just about done trying to convince you fence-sitters, independents, Rinos, never-Trumpers and just plain wrong-headed folks about the monumental importance of the upcoming election as there is not a lot of time left, and if you haven’t seen the light by now, you are almost beyond redemption.

I would, however, like to make a concerted effort to explain how I see the results of the election if the democrats sweep the presidency, the senate and the house.

First of all, your taxes are going to go up, probably dramatically, as Biden’s plan is to spend at least $4 trillion right away, and he has to get the money from somewhere. The usual Democrat bilge about getting it from the “rich” has never worked and the “rich” already pay a huge percentage of the tax revenue now. And as for getting it from corporations, in case you didn’t know, that means that the cost of everything will go up. There will probably be a new penal estate tax and capital gains will be punished in a likewise manner. And there will be intense pressure on Joe to fund the additional trillions necessary for Medicare for all and other boondoggles insisted on by the “squad.”

We will probably soon have open borders and millions of illegals will be given citizenship rights, meaning there will be a tremendous surge of folks trying to get into this country, folks who will not add to the common good.

We will definitely lose our energy independence meaning we will be at the mercy of OPEC, and we will probably have many ridiculous regulations about windmills and solar panels.

The electoral college will probably be eliminated and the number of justices on the Supreme Court will be increased to allow for more liberals (probably six). Along with that, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico will probably be made states meaning four more Democrat senators. In case you haven’t connected the dots, all that together will mean leftist Democrat rule for generations.

The 2nd Amendment will probably be gone and maybe any weapons you already possess, and we will likely have to fund some race reparations.

All in all, it will be a likely end to most everything good that we have seen under President Trump. But if that proves to be the will of the people, I guess we will be forced to become one more miserable country on this earth.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount