The latest idiocy on the left has Hunter Biden becoming a guest lecturer at Tulane University in New Orleans on the subject of “fake news.”

This is as ludicrous as having President Xi of China giving lectures about virus transparency. What an absurd idea.

As another example of the absurdus maximus, if you listened to Biden’s speech to Congress recently, you heard a predominantly mediocre speech with many slurred words, much questionable syntax and some nonsensical statements, but that was no surprise as the man is affected by his senility, which is only going to get worse.

While he was totally ignoring the border crisis he created, he made the idiotic comment that the Jan. 6 break-in of the Capitol by a few hundred folks was the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.

In making that remark, he ignored the assassinations of four presidents, the attack on Pearl Harbor, the 9/11 attack and so many other events, but those don’t fit the current leftist propaganda narrative.

This poor leftist excuse of a president has, among many other things, tried to spend more money more quickly than all other presidents combined; lied constantly about tax increases; been responsible for the worst border crisis ever as he has ceded control of our southern border to the Mexican crime cartels; tried to pawn this chaos off on his feckless VP when all she wants to do is avoid any responsibility by ignoring this catastrophe; blithely destroyed thousands of jobs for people who actually wanted to work for a living; routinely proposed horribly expensive socialist programs that will probably result in more graft than good; sought to change the Supreme Court so that it only makes decisions in favor of the left; proposed to make new states in order to end the two-party system in this country; tried to further that goal by requiring all future state elections to in effect be federal elections; used the “pandemic,” “critical race theory” and “climate change” to the extent possible to frighten people and control their behavior and thinking and further divide the country; and in the final analysis took the first steps into changing this country into a socialist welfare state, which will ensure its inexorable descent into the septic tank of history.

If you believe all the above represents how things ought to be, please continue to support this dotard and his handlers to our great detriment. Oh, and be sure to continue to moronically blame Trump for everything.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount