Why do I have to look forward to reading the newspaper meeting after meeting about Clint Williams and some other whites who come to the meetings and talk about the same mess?

I would have no problem if the mess was something new — but it’s nothing new, so why is it worthy of a headline?

Clint Williams said he has the same proof that Beth Wood has about a councilman given special treatment for not paying his utility bills. Wood said she turned her findings over to some agencies and that has been several months now and no report from the agencies.

Since Williams says he has the same information and he is just a citizen, what is it he is supposed to do? Oh, use the the council meetings as a bully pulpit to get newspaper time as he represents the whites who are just mad.

Williams brought up the city internet being hacked. He said because the city’s personally identifiable information has been exposed, Wood, State Treasurer Dale Folwell and possibly state Attorney General Josh Stein and the State Bureau of Investigation “need to further investigate this City Council’s corruption and conflicts of interest.”

So I guess now he is saying that the council is responsible for hacking their own system.

Williams said that exposed in the hacking is proof that a councilman, as well as the councilman’s parents in the Englewood area in the northwestern part of the city, have not paid their utility bills since at least 2014. Since Williams says he has what Beth Wood has, why didn’t you print what he has here as you have other documents?

I have been told that utility funds and taxpayers’ funds are two different things and taxpayers’ money is not used to pay for utilities write-offs.

Curmilus Dancy