In light of the wrongful death of George Floyd and as a moral courtesy, I uphold peaceful protestors in the mold of Martin Luther King Jr. seeking positive change.

I also uphold that “All” Black Lives Matter. “All” covers the more than 9,000 black on black murders annually in our cities, the over 300,000 black abortions annually and the 70 percent fatherless black children in the continuing breakdown of the family.

“All” is in addition to any legitimate concerns of police brutality and accountability that is the basis of

According to Washington Post/USA Today data, there were 25 unarmed deaths (13 from shootings) in 2019 caused by a policeman. This (0.3 percent) is a key determinate of BLM and is untethered to the other thousands (99.97 percent) of homicides and degree of suffering blacks are experiencing from within their own communities. BLM should include “All.”

While I support “All” Black Lives Matter and demand justice and fairness for everyone, I can’t support the BLM organization. On the surface, who would be against the statement, “Black Lives Matter,” and its principled plea for respect? Nonetheless, because it fronts Marxist, anti-nuclear family, anti-free enterprise, pro-abortion and defund the police stances, I perceive them as misleading opportunists.

Moreover, empirical studies do not support their blanket claims against law enforcement despite recent media optics. Rocky Mount manifests this with the numerous Telegram articles of black-on-black shootings, but not by police. Most importantly, I worry it is a Trojan horse, as peaceful protestors that are sincerely working for racial progress in the Martin Luther King Jr. construct are naively being used as shields for anarchists and socialists. This includes the many whites who are desperately trying to prove that they are not racists blindly or in “cheap” virtue signaling show allegiance.

While I stand and will fight with others for civil rights, anti-racism and “All” Black Lives Matter, BLM is too narrow in its racial focus and carries extra baggage I can’t lift.

Dr. King knew how to leverage the moral high ground of the Civil Rights Movement, unlike the current leadership. The questionable moral stances and tolerated violence is demeaning to the cause, off-putting to new supporters and in truth reinforces the negative stereotypes that they claim to want to overcome.

We all want unity without racism; however, BLM in its current structure is a flawed vehicle that will not get us there.

W. Richard Cobb Sr.

Rocky Mount