Those that thought that Joe Biden did an acceptable job in his press conference the other day must have had seriously low expectations about what his performance would be like.

I for one, among many, thought that he was right on the edge of embarrassing himself in front of the world, and one difficult question shy of total bewilderment.

There is no doubt that he had been well rested, well rehearsed and well medicated prior to this sham performance that took place with the complete collusion of the liberal media. They certainly had the prearranged questions and responses — with big headings and pictures — on Biden’s “cheat sheet” so that the rehearsed responses could be read while he was making an effort to appear to be answering off the cuff.

However, all that was not sufficient to keep him from mispronouncing, misstating and lying like a WHO official investigating the Chinese.

The 10 questions posed by the conspirators were laughable, especially when the PBS reporter stated the theory that the illegals must be coming to sneak across the border because Biden is a “moral decent man” and won’t send them back. Biden said that was wrong and that the huge upsurge is due to the weather since these folks won’t die in the desert from the heat.

What an absolute bunch of pure baloney. I wonder what the actual percentage is of previous illegals who have perished in the desert from heat stroke during the hottest of times? He also said that his wholesale elimination of the stringent requirements of the Trump administration for entry did not constitute a reason for the mass migration that is occurring.

Yeah right, and he apparently expects people to take this stuff seriously. He also lied about how the Trump administration treated the unaccompanied minors, saying that they were dumped into the desert and starved with nothing to eat — more pure malarkey.

All I can say about his fraudulent rationalization for this disaster is that if he expects reasonably intelligent people to actually buy into it, he is in worse shape mentally than I ever imagined. At any rate, I am convinced that he is not much more than an automaton who does what he is told by his handlers and doesn’t really understand a lot about the lies he has been instructed to tell.

He referred to his prepared responses a lot and I wonder what he would have said if he had not had them. All the commentators, even noted Trump-hater Chris Wallace, said they had never seen a president use notes in a press conference.

They will obviously have to get used to it.

Paul Duffy

Rocky Mount