Recently, I received the following letter at my home address:


“We already know how ignorant you are. Do you really have to keep proving it? You are definitely a typical Dem.

“Brainwashed. Self centered. Holier than thou. Pea brained. Obnoxious as hell. The list goes on.

“So easy to pick you out. Anyone with half a brain could. But you don’t have one that big.

“So do us and yourself a favor. SHUT UP and quit showing what an ignorant fool you are.

“If you believe in CNN, the Cuomo brothers and Hillary Clinton you really need to get out more. Hillary is the Russian and always has been. She was the first to start that rumor!

“If you need attention so damn bad go clean up the nasty highways that your boy Roy stopped having DOT do.

“Friend, Neighbor, Colleague, Family. Which one?”

This letter was delivered unsigned, “postage due,” and with the return address “A. Knight” and nothing else.

Jesus taught me that all people are my “neighbors,” but I don’t believe this is a friend, colleague or family member. Maybe my letters have struck a nerve with this neighbor. Obviously, this neighbor is deeply disturbed, bears significant animus toward me and, for whatever reason, believes it is in their best interest to keep their name secret.

In light of recent events, it makes me wonder what this anonymous neighbor might do if I don’t “SHUT UP.” It looks like I’d better be more careful about what I say, so, to my anonymous neighbor:

I apologize for disagreeing with you; for exercising my constitutional and God-given right to say what I think; for my inability to believe your lunacy; for not being there in D.C. on Jan. 6 to help people like you take over the Capitol; for not thinking Hillary is a Russian; for not thinking Coop is part of a conspiracy to clog our highways with litter; for not believing Pillow Man’s prediction Trump will be back in office by August; and for laughing at your letter.

I don’t know what I was thinking, but in the interest of public safety I think the people of Rocky Mount need to know what you are thinking. They need to know they rub elbows with you daily. I hope they don’t “SHUT UP,” but they do need to be careful.

God help us all.

Ernie Murray

Rocky Mount