Their protective dam has failed. Now the truth is flooding through the streets of Rocky Mount.

Their network of public corruption and self-dealings, once held back from the citizens’ eyes, is now flowing in plain sight for all to see.

This flow has a stench of floodwater and its misery spreads and inundates the Twin Counties. It destroys and contaminates all that we have worked so hard to build and many are losing hope. The misery crosses all racial and political boundaries. And, not unlike the disaster of 1999, it’s time to come together and rebuild the City of Rocky Mount.

Some are doing all that we can; yet, a disaster of these proportions exceeds the capability of local responders. Indeed, we need the might, resources and enforcement authority of state and federal agencies to converge on Rocky Mount and save this once great North Carolina city.

Please, help us before all hope is washed away.

J. Keith Harris

Retired fire chief

Rocky Mount

We should all stop paying our utility bills

Since a city councilman (Mr. Knight?) is not and apparently has not paid their utility bill for years, why should any citizen of our city pay their bill until either the councilman whose bills have been “written off” pays their bill, has their utilities cut off and is sued and charged with a bad debt or liens filed against them if they cannot pay?

This would be an interesting time to send the folks at City Hall who were either intimidated or complicit in allowing this for years for everyone to just stop paying their bill.

Due to the virus, there is a state order that we cannot be disconnected. Maybe we can get out of paying our utility bills for the next decade or two.

Frank Shields

Rocky Mount