I’m not even sure what the other party is called these days.

True and patriotic conservatives have left the former Republican Party, which is in search of its identity. Is it now the White Nationalist Party, 45’s Nationalist Party or is it the Renegade Fascism Party?

And for all those people who said that they would not live in a socialist society, please send the stimulus money back.

Whatever name the former Republican Party decides upon, it’s looking more and more like 1939 Germany as days go by. Voting rights and civil rights being trampled upon because this new version of the former Republican Party cannot continue to win elections with its extremist views. 45’s lie about winning the 2020 election is still being perpetrated upon the naive and gullible of 45’s base by lawmakers who should know better.

For those who have common sense, it’s hard to believe certain people can be deceived so effortlessly. Can it be they know 45 lost, but are so bought in to the rhetoric they don’t care?

But until new life is breathed into this government, where the fossils are removed and replaced with young minds who are open to positive change, this country will always be divided. First was a claim by extremists that President Obama was dividing the country. Yet his health care law is loved by poor Americans nationwide.

Yet the former Republican Party wasted countless hours and dollars trying to dismantle it. 45 had all three branches of government and he couldn’t do it. Yet he was brilliant in dividing the country, but none in his party complained.

When will poor America realize that they are the targets of bad policy? Hate seems to cloud their judgment. The Tucker Carlsons, Sean Hannitys and Laura Ingrams of the world spout so much hate daily that it can manipulate the minds of the gullible and misinformed. Fox News is supposed to be a conservative network. But it seems their main job is to deceive and promote negative propaganda.

God’s people are able to detect those who will varnish you with lies and deceit. If you sadly could not see through 45’s lies and deceit, you probably need a closer walk with Jesus.

And if you truly believe all the garbage coming from the aforementioned Fox News hosts, you truly need a new spiritual leader and guidance. If you believe those traitors on Jan. 6 acted more like tourists than terrorists as that idiot from Georgia claimed, seek divine intervention. The false prophets are coming out the woodwork.

Dallas E. Ford

Rocky Mount