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Those that thought that Joe Biden did an acceptable job in his press conference the other day must have had seriously low expectations about what his performance would be like.

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The word “wake” is a verb, its past tense is “woke” or “waked.” It means to emerge or cause to emerge from a state of sleep; stop sleeping. Example: She woke up feeling better.

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A recent letter writer had a lot to say about the Republican Party and how it had degenerated in his opinion from an intellectual enterprise into a party controlled by narrow-minded bigots and religious leaders.

I turned in Precinct 11-1 package to the chair, Mr. Leshaun Jenkins, on Sunday, March 21. I had not been turning in sustaining fund over the years but I was proud to this year, knowing that monies were used properly since Jenkins was elected to replace Roosevelt Higgs.

Leftists, who consider themselves to be morally superior to conservatives in every conceivable way, are blaming Donald Trump for the disaster they themselves created at our southern border.

I have long valued the Telegram’s Letters to the Editor as a positive contribution to our local civil discourse. However, I have come to realize that many things, including opinions, are best served in smaller doses.