I have a question for all you Trump-haters, especially those of you who scramble around at every opportunity to find any ill-conceived way to disparage the president, no matter how inanely contrived.

Monday, January 20, 2020

I received a form from Nash County this week wanting me to list any improvements I made on my property in the year of 2019. They even expected me to put a stamp on the return envelope.

Sunday, January 19, 2020
Friday, January 17, 2020
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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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I am continuously astounded by the lack of honesty, candor, character, courage and patriotism, as well as the great abundance of rank hypocrisy, displayed by the leftists in this country who believe that they somehow occupy the moral high ground about all contemporary issues, especially if t…

President Trump concluded enough is enough. He warned Iran in the unmanned drone attack that had an American been killed, Iran would have suffered far different repercussions.

For all you Trump-haters, never-Trumpers and RINOS, I would like to simply make a suggestion that you might consider while we wend our way to the presidential election in November.

The accomplishments are many: USMCA is set to replace NAFTA, China has agreed to a major Phase 1 trade deal with America and our booming economy is lifting wages and slashing income inequality.

Why would the Nash County commissioners strip the top elected official in the county, Sheriff Keith Stone, from doing what the people elected him to do? He was elected to carry out the duties of the Nash County Sheriff’s Office.

The Washington Post reporters in the picture obviously celebrating the impeachment of the president with a caption reading “Merry Impeachmass” and then saying that the whole thing was misinterpreted is almost as pitifully disingenuous as Nancy Pelosi saying that she doesn’t hate the presiden…

Nash County consists of townships, farm lands, home developments, exclusive estates, single and double-wide modular homes, plank board housing, giant and small industries.

Hyper-hypocrite Chuckie Schumer is campaigning hard to try and convince Mitch McConnell to allow his suggested witnesses to testify in the Senate for the decision portion of the ludicrous impeachment proceeding the Democrats have been engaged in as a last act of desperation to take down the …

As Moscow Mitch stated when President Obama was elected, his sole purpose was to “make Obama a one-term president.” Now his sole purpose is to exonerate America’s most corrupt president.