She watches news and reads broadly. She is particularly interested, and increasingly curious, about all the anti-abortion activity that is making so much noise around her. She asks, “Why are there so many women carrying pro-life and anti-abortion signs at the protests I see in the news? It would seem that the pro-life moniker is not really what this is about.”

She says, “If these women are pro-life, why don’t they use the same megaphone to speak into abolishing the death penalty? There are many innocent people wrongly convicted who are living, breathing human beings. Just recently, there was news of a man who was wrongly convicted for a rape and served 29 years in prison for a crime even the victim said he did not commit. Why don’t the pro-lifers join Innocence Projects around the country? If pro-life is pro-all-life, why do the wrongly incarcerated not receive your vocal advocacy?”