The front of the spec shell building on Commerce Center Drive is in the process of being closed in as the August construction completion date nears.

The Tarboro Town Council voted in September 2019 to convey approximately 18 acres of land in the Tarboro Commerce Center in exchange for the construction of a 65,000-square-foot shell spec building.

It looks as if that move will soon be paying dividends, according to the most recent email from the Carolinas Gateway Partnership.

In the email, sent last week and pitching the Twin Counties as catching the eye of investors and developers with an interest in cold storage, it was noted that the Tarboro spec building is now under contract. It is due to be completed in August.

No specific details were made available, but Gateways CEO Norris Tolson told the Telegram earlier this month that Gateways Vice President Oppie Jordan was in discussions with up to 10 interested parties in regard to the facility.

That building, located at the corner of McNair Road and Commerce Center Drive, just north of Keihin, has 34-foot ceilings and is expandable to 100,000 square feet.

Town Manager Troy Lewis told the town council in September that the value of the land is approximately $270,000 while the property developer will be required to have at a least a $2 million total investment in the project.

Also in the same email is the announcement of a second shell building at Tarboro Commerce Center.

This one, to be located due east of the first building, will also have 34-foot ceilings but will be 60,000 square feet expandable to 120,000 square feet. It will be completed in 2021.

Both buildings are being developed by Raleigh-based Trinity Partners.

The Carolina Gateways Partnership also announced four other shell buildings as a result of the success of the Tarboro project, including:

  • Kingsboro Business Park — 100,000 square feet, expandable to 200,000 square feet; 34-foot ceiling height; completion in the first quarter 2021.
  • Rocky Mount — 100,000 square feet, expandable to 300,000 square feet; 34-foot ceiling height; completion in first quarter 2021.
  • West Nashville Commerce Park — 10,000 square feet, expandable to 20,000 square feet; 34-foot ceiling height; completion in second quarter 2021.
  • Nashville Business Center — 50,000 square feet; 34-foot ceiling height; completion in 2021.