After using the same software for the past 20 years, the Tarboro Police Department will be updating with state-of-the-art technology after getting the go-ahead from the Tarboro Town Council at the Jan. 11 meeting.

Software concerns have been as issue brought forth by Chief Jesse Webb before, but because of other, more pressing concerns — such as a radio system upgrade — the software issue was allowed to slide as needed.

No more.

The new technology will allow for the mapping of incidents and also will help eliminate duplication of effort that is impossible to bypass with the current system.

Webb told the Telegram about the upcoming change.

“In short, imagine the technological advances that have occurred within the past 20 years. Transitioning to new software after that time span will bring about significant changes in our documentation and information capabilities,” he said.

“Among the noticeable changes,” he continued, (is that) all software components we will be using will be housed on one server. Right now, they are separated. So if an officer responds to a call for service right now and then has to complete a crime report afterwards, they have to log into a separate program and enter in redundant information. The new system will streamline this process.”

The new system also will import data from citations and collision reports and automatically generate the necessary information.

“Furthermore, it will automatically generate priority notifications for administrative and command staff personnel, and investigation/report approvals can be automatically sent to varying levels of supervision in accordance with the severity of the incident,” Webb noted.

As it turns out, being NIBRS compatible is just the tip of the iceberg.

“Yes, the new software is NIBRS compliant and will offer dramatic improvements for mapping and monitoring crime,” Webb said. “Naturally, this will prove to be a great tool to assist with our problem-solving strategies. Compiling reports that now take hours and even days will be completed within minutes.”

CentralSquare Technologies of Lake Mary, Fla., was the successful bidder at $184,079.19, and came in $75,855.81 under the only other bidder, Southern Software.

The town will use $62,538.96 in E911 funds approved by the N.C. 911 Board and $108,223.38 from the department’s capital outlay allocation

According to the company website, CentralSquare Technologies serves over 7,500 organizations — from the largest metropolitan cities to counties and towns of every size — and impacts the lives of three in four people across North America.