SePRO’s Rocky Mount operation on Atlantic Avenue anticipates adding 20 employees to a current staff of 12.

An Indiana-based company specializing in selling products in connection with aquatics, landscaping and ornamental horticulture is expanding operations in Rocky Mount, the Carolinas Gateway Partnership said in a news release.

SePRO Corp. announced in the news release a $3.5 million addition to the company’s location off Atlantic Avenue between U.S. 64 and Cool Spring Road.

Company President Tyler Koschnick said in the news release SePRO anticipates adding 20 employees to a current staff of 12 in Rocky Mount.

SePRO’s work includes developing, marketing and manufacturing aquatic herbicides and other chemicals to control aquatic weeds and invasive vegetation.

According to the news release, SePRO completed a significant acquisition and is relocating production of newly acquired products from Georgia to the plant off Atlantic Avenue.

The additional investment will provide facilities to produce products that will improve water quality, control excessive growth of algae and control invasive weeds, the news release said.

“We are delighted with this SePRO investment in Rocky Mount,” Carolinas Gateway President Norris Tolson said in prepared remarks. “It’s always wonderful when our local companies grow and prosper here.”

City Councilman Lige Daughtridge told the Telegram he is elated by the news.

“Anytime a business chooses Rocky Mount or the surrounding area, it’s obviously a benefit to all the citizens of Rocky Mount and to the businesses of Rocky Mount — and adds to our tax base,” Daughtridge said.

Don Williams, president of Lewis Advertising and also a past chairman of the Carolinas Gateway board, told the Telegram, “It gives us incentive to go out and get more jobs — but more importantly, it gives 20 very qualified people an opportunity to find gainful employment right here in the Twin Counties.”

“In my opinion, a job is a job, whether it’s at a big corporation or at a small business,” he added. “I operate a small business myself, so I am definitely in support of any company that wants to bring new jobs to the area.

“But I’m also very much in support of smaller businesses that want to come here and either start up or take their proven success program and open it up here in the Twin Counties,” he said.

SePRO was established in 1994 and is based in Carmel, Ind., which is immediately north of Indianapolis.

SePRO also has a 410-acre research and technology campus off Watson Seed Farm Road northwest of Whitakers.

The Carolinas Gateway Partnership is a downtown-based economic development agency.