A juvenile female earlier this week reportedly was hit by a vehicle and ended up at an address in the West Haven area of the city, emergency officials said.

Nash County Emergency Medical Services Director Scott Strufe told the Telegram via email that emergency personnel were dispatched at 6:01 p.m. Tuesday to the 1000 block of West Haven Boulevard.

Strufe said that the emergency personnel, upon arriving in 10 minutes, found the female reported having been struck by a vehicle at another location and subsequently having been brought to the address along West Haven.

Strufe said the female was treated by the emergency personnel before being transported to Nash UNC Health Care’s emergency room.

Strufe said the female did not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

Attempts by the Telegram via email, phone and text to obtain additional information from police Cpl. Ricky Jackson, who is the police department’s contact for the news media, were unsuccessful as of press time on Wednesday.

The newspaper also sought additional information the same way from a City of Rocky Mount spokesman, with no success as of press time on Wednesday.

Word of what reportedly happened on Tuesday evening appeared in a brief posting on the Fighting Crime News and Who’s Wanted Facebook page.